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1805 Louisiana Purchase Document
1805 Louisiana Purchase document signed by John Armstrong.
President James Madison's Secretary of War John Armstrong, who was at the helm when the British burned Washington to the ground. Fine content partly-printed document signed "John Armstrong," as U.S. Minister to France. Measures 8" x 10", and accomplished in Paris on September 2, 1805.
A bill of exchange for 45,476 francs to be paid from the U.S. Treasury "in pursuance of a liquidation by the Government of France, in this case provided by the Convention between the United-States and France, of the 30th April 1803 -- the 10th of floreal year 11..."
This particular note is numbered 536, 538 and 539 was part of the funds the United States used to purchase Louisiana from France in 1803. This historic document bears the usual light creases but is otherwise bright and clean and in fine condition as shown.

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