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Ft. Lincoln, D. T. 7th Calvary Letter "breaking up & evacuating Ft. Rice D.T."
Fort Lincoln, D. T. 7th Calvary Letter about "breaking up & evacuating Ft. Rice D.T." One page period ink letter from 2nd Lt William H. Baldwin, 7th U. S. Cavalry as post adjutant at the famous Fort Lincoln. Docketed on verso by 1st Lt William Badger of the 6th U. S. Infantry.
Excellent content about the tearing down and distributing the remnants of Fort Rice.

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Fort Rice: Established July 7, 1864. Located on a high point on the right bank of the Missouri River opposite the mouth of Long Lake Creek and immediately below the present day town of Fort Rice North Dakota. Established by Brigadier General Alfred Sully during his punitive expedition against the Sioux. Intended to control the Sioux, protect the emigrant route from Minnesota to Montana and to protect navigation on the Missouri River. Erected under the direction of Colonel Daniel J. Dills, 30th Wisconsin Infantry. The original post consisted of rude barracks made of cottonwood logs with sod or earth roofs, but it was re-built in a more substantial form in 1868. By order of the Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, issued May 12, 1864, the post was named for Brigadier General James Clay Rice, killed in the Battle of Laurel Hill, Virginia, on May 10, 1864. After the establishment of Fort Yates, Fort Rice was no longer considered necessary. It was abandoned on November 25, 1878. A small detachment remained until February 6, 1879 to dismantle the fort and dispose of public property. The military reservation was transferred to the Interior Department on July 22, 1884.