**SOLD**  Cdv of 19th Indiana Infantry Iron Brigade officer wounded at Gettysburg on July 1st!
Cdv of 19th Indiana Infantry (Iron Brigade) Captain John W. Shafer, who was wounded at Gettysburg on July 1st! See below for more information and a great link to Craig Dunn's story of the 19th at Gettysburg.
Signed and inscribed by Shafer on the front. In good condition with wear as shown, J. Heddon, Elkhart, IN photographer b/m.


"....Gen. Meredith now ordered his brigade to fall back 200 yards to the top of McPherson’s Ridge. The Indiana troops moved slowly back, halting and firing a deadly rain of bullets as they went, at Rebels who were massed at this vulnerable point. The Confederates directed their charge up the slope of the ridge toward the 151st Pennsylvania, the right flank regiment of Biddle’s Brigade. As Pettigrew’s 26th North Carolina neared them, the 19th Indiana wheeled to their left and poured a withering fire into the flanks of the North Carolinians.

A Rebel artillery shell exploded at the feet of Gen. Meredith’s horse, killing it instantly and sending up a piece of shrapnel to graze the general’s head. The horse fell on the unconscious general, and Meredith had to be removed from the field. It was at this point, as the unit attempted to re-form the line at the top of McPherson’s Ridge, that the casualties started to mount rapidly. Maj. Lindley was wounded severely in the hand, as was Capt. Ives. Capt. Shafer was injured and so was young Capt. David Holloway. Allen Ogborn, Alexander Burke, Reuben Clark, Peter Foust and William Hoover were all mortally wounded on the west face of the ridge. Sgt. James Ferguson, Pvts. Andrew Beshears, Thomas Winset, Thomas Daugherty and Thomas Michener were all killed while blazing away at the hard-driving Confederates. Capt. Adam Gisse and James Nash were seriously wounded, but both of the men refused to leave the field and boldly fought on..."

"The 19th Indiana at the Battle of Gettysburg The 19th Indiana was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Samuel J. Williams, a farmer from Selma, Indiana who was orginally from Virginia. Williams was wounded on July 1st. He returned to command of the regiment and would be killed at the Battle of the Wilderness on May 6, 1864.

The regiment brought 339 men to the field and lost 27 killed, 133 wounded and 50 missing. This 62% casualty rate shows the vicious fighting along Willoughby Run and during the retreat to Seminary Ridge on July 1st, where the 19th Indiana served on the exposed left flank of the brigade. Five regimental color bearers were killed or wounded on July 1st."