**SOLD**Possibly signed cdv of CSA Guerrilla Captain Dave Poole, Quantrill Raider, taken in Texas, Christmas 1863
**SOLD** Possibly signed cdv of CSA Guerrilla Captain Dave Poole, famous Quantrill Raider photographed around Christmas 1863 in Texas! Incredible image of Captain David Francis Marion "Dave" Poole, cigar in his mouth, holding a Colt Army revolver, with three other pistols on his belt!
Poole is well known for his various acts of barbarism and cruelty to both civilians and soldiers during the civil war. Please visit the various links below for more details of this infamous guerrillas life. Unlike most of his associates, Poole survived the war and went on to prosper according to sources.
He joined Quantrell's band early "and participated in all the stirring events which made that organization famous among its friends and notorious among its enemies. He was among the foremost in the Lawrence raid. Those that knew him said that he was a quiet man except in times when action was required."
No backmark, but there is what appears to be an inscription (I can't make it out clearly) that is signed "Francis", please have a look and decide yourself. I am pricing this as an unsigned image. Wear as shown, excepting the crease this is an outstanding image!

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Famous photo of Poole, Arch Clements & Bill Hendricks
Three of Quantrill's Raiders celebrate Christmas 1863 in Texas: they are identified as (1) Arch Clement, (2) Dave Pool and (3) Bill Hendricks. Clemens and Pool wear civilian coats, Hendricks may have a Union sack coat; Pool holds a Colt Army revolver, Clement and Hendricks Colt Navies. (Library of Congress)
View of the back: