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Custer's Roommate/Gettysburg/WIA Major Tully McCrea Image
Custer's Roommate Tully McCrea as an older officer! I have only ever seen McCrea available as a cadet in 1862, not in uniform as a veteran officer.
Excellent view of Major McCrea, who was severely wounded in action at the Battle of Olustee, FL, holding his kepi. On the verso is a photograph of Captain Edward Boynton.
In fine condition with wear as shown in the scan. Image and mount measure 10" x 13."

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Pickett's Charge:
"Arrived and took position in Ziegler's Grove on the left of Evergreen Cemetery. Actively engaged and assisted in repelling Longstreet's Assault. Lieut. Woodruff was mortally wounded on the 3rd and the command devolved on Lieut. Tully McCrea."

"after stopping Brockenbrough, Sawyer "changed front forward on the left company" so he could now fire into the left flank of Davis' Brigade. As Davis approached to within about 500 yards of the main Union line, Woodruff's Battery I, 1st U. S. Artillery, stationed in Ziegler's Grove, opened fire with double rounds of canister. Second Lieutenant Tully McCrae reported that "the slaughter was dreadful. Never was there such a splendid target for Light Artillery." Colonel Sawyer had a close view of the effect of this fire

Arms, heads, blankets, guns and haversacks were thrown and tossed into the air. Their track, as they advanced, was strewn with dead and wounded. A moan went up from the field, distinctly to be heard amid the storm of battle, but on they went, too much enveloped in smoke and dust now to permit us to distinguish their line or movements, for the mass appeared more like a cloud of moving smoke and dust than a column of troops. Still it advanced amid the now deafening roar of artillery and storm of battle."