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Murdered by Guerrillas! Cdv of General Robert L. McCookSigned cdv of Union Cavalry General Henry E. DaviesImpressive Army Photographer General U. S. Grant CDV
Unusual view of then Brig. Gen. Wesley MerrittCdv of Wounded Ohio General Benjamin F. CoatesSpectacular view of Scottish General John MacArthur-Army photographer, Vicksburg b/m
Very scarce 1863 view of Minnesota Indian Fighting General H. H. SibleyCdv of 1st Minnesota Infantry Colonel and General Alfred SullyCdv of General Joseph J. Reynolds
Cdv of General James BowenSigned cdv of General William B. HazenScarce image of Mary Lincoln's cousin General John B. Todd
Rare Memphis, TN backmarked General William T. Sherman cdvCdv of 3rd Illinois Cavalry Colonel (General) Lafayette McCrillisA very scarce image of General William Sooy Smith
Signed cdv of General Jasper A. MaltbySigned CDV of Union General J. D. Webster (Grant's Chief of Staff)Cdv of Irish General Michael Corcoran
Cdv of General William F. BarryCdv of General William S. HarneyProfile view of General Winfield Scott Hancock
Cdv of General Ben Butler and StaffCdv of General Adelbert AmesBeautiful signed CDV of General J. Warren Keifer, Wounded Four Times!
Cdv of Major General Jacob Cox & StaffCdv of General James Negley with unusual uniformCdv of General Nathaniel Banks
Signed cdv of General John BrannanCdv of General BurnsideBeautiful 1861 cdv of "Old Brains"
Cdv of Gen Judson KilpatrickCdv of Union General SlocumStanding view of Maj. Gen. Slocum as Brigadier
Scarce image of Gen James M. WarnerGen John Pope CDV
Major General Robert Anderson CDV
Cdv of General Ormsby MitchellCdv of General U. S. GrantCdv of Gettysburg Commander General George Meade
Cdv of General John LoganCDV of General William S. RosecransCdv of Brevet General Arthur A. Goodell
Superb Image of General Rosecrans holding Telescope
Cdv of General John Cochran Cdv of General George A. CusterCDV Maj. Gen. Stoneman
Armed cdv of General Robert Cowdin
Signed Brevet General William S. Russell CDVCdv of KIA General Hiram Berry, who died leading a bayonet chargeCdv of General Albert Lee
Signed photograph of Illinois Gen. John McArthurCdv of General Lawrence P. Graham- Seminole War, Colonel 4th US Cavalry2nd Wisconsin Inf. Captain & General William E. Strong
Photograph of General Robert S. Granger and his staffGrant and the Peace Commissioners CDVArmy of Cumberland B/M View of General W. S. Rosecrans
Superb cdv of General John PopeCdv of Col. Robert H. Stevenson WIA Brevet GeneralSigned Cdv of 1st Ohio Light Artillery Colonel (Gen.) James Barnett
Signed cdv of General Thomas J. WoodCdv of General John SedgwickSigned cdv of General Alexander McD. McCook
Signed cdv of Iowa General Charles MatthiesCdv of Kansas General Robert B. MitchellGeneral James B. McPherson cdv with superb ink identification
Cdv of General Alexander ChambersCdv of 9th New Hampshire Colonel (Gen.) H. B. Titus, severely WIA Burnside's BridgeCdv of Medal of Honor Recipient General Stephen Thomas
Minty Cdv of General Frederick Steele Signed Cabinet Card of General Oliver Otis HowardCdv of wounded in action 1st Ohio Infantry Colonel & Brevet General
Cdv of murdered General William "Bull" NelsonSigned cdv of Ohio General James M. S. Comly (23rd Ohio Infantry)