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Signed cdv of 9th US Cavalry Capt George Washington Smith, KIA Apaches 1881Signed image of the famous Guy Vernor Henry
Outdoor boudoir image of armed 2nd US Cavalryman and Mountain HowitzerImage of Gettysburg General Henry Morrow & Officers of 21st InfantryBeautiful Los Angeles, California boudoir photograph of a military unit on parade!
Signed cdv of Indian Agent Major Peter RonanSigned cdv of Lt. Howard Bass Cushing (Alonzo & William's brother) the most prolific Apache Indian killer ever!Armed cdv of "Cheyenne Indian Black Horse"
"Hero of Beecher's Island" General George A. "Sandy" Forsyth cdvSigned cdv of Joseph Sladen, 17th US Infantry, MOH, & Book "Making Peace with Cochise"Signed photograph of General O.O. Howard
Superb US Regular Indian War Soldier CdvCdv of 5th US Cavalry Officer Alfred B. Taylor"Infantry Camp Bear Butte" D.T. by Deadwood Photographer
Superb early Indian War enlisted cavalry cdv9th U. S. Cavalry "Buffalo Soldier" Cabinet CardModoc War stereoview #1617 "Bringing in the Wounded after an Engagement"
Modoc War stereoview #1608 "Tule Lake Camp, South; Tule Lake in the distance."Modoc War Stereoview #1618 "The Stronghold after its capture"
Photograph of Samuel B. M. Young, US Army Officer extraordinaire!!Double armed Indian Scout Boudoir PhotographFort Phil Kearny Regular Signed Brevet General Image
Famous Indian War Officer wearing his Buckskins!Superb Indian War Officer Group Stereoview by W. H. Jackson
Cdv of Indian War Officer, incredible id, died 1870 in UtahARMY MEDICAL  MUSEUM Image of Soldier who froze his foot off in Dakota TerritoryGreat Indian Wars Officer Group Image Fort Yates (2)
"Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon- As Mounted for Service Afloat"Beautiful Indian Wars Officer wearing GAR Badge Image
Sitting Bull and his favorite squaw, with officers and their ladies.Cdv of Apache KIA Lt. J. Hansell French
Image of Indian War Officer Colonel Robert Conrad with cool brevet Insignia on collar
Fort Fetterman Massacre Officer CdvModoc War Hero: HENRY C. HASBROUCK Image
Fantastic West Point Class of 1869 Image "Pipes"
1871 W.P. Image of the famous Fayette W. Roe "Faye"4th US Cavalry KIA (Dull Knife) Lt. John McKinney Ink signed West Point Class 1871 CDV
Excellent outdoor view of Gen. Alexander Webb (MOH Gettysburg)Great view of General Emory UptonThree 4th US Cavalry Officer CDV's San Antonio, Texas-Drowned on duty!
Lt. Philip Reade "Scalped Hunter-A TRAGEDY OF THE PLAINS"Beautiful & scarce Los Angeles Indian War soldier with medalsFt. Logan, Colorado Cavalry Trumpeter Cabinet Card
Signed image of the famous General Charles King