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James-Younger Gang Northfield Raid Street Scene stereoview!
James-Younger Gang Northfield Raid Street Scene stereoview!
Stereoview of the street where the famous gunfight took place after the robbing of the Northfield Bank. The bank can be seen just behind the stairs on the wall to the right.

Stereoview produced by "Sumner's Gallery" from Northfield, Minnesota under the "Scenery of Northfield and Vicinity" series, and is so imprinted on the back.
Wear as shown in the scan, truly a scarce James Gang related photograph, taken around the time of the robbery!

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Information from the web:
"Ira Sumner was born June 24, 1845. One of Northfield’s earliest photographers, he was best known for taking pictures of the dead robbers after the failed 1876 bank raid. In 1866 he moved to Northfield from Red Wing and worked with Z. Roberts, Northfield’s first photographer. Roberts taught Sumner about large-format cameras and lighting. Sumner acquired Roberts’ business in 1872."