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Large 1864 Ohio "Democratic Ticket" featuring Geo. McClellan
1864 original paper electoral ticket promoting Gen'l George B. McClellan for President & Geo. H. Pendleton for Vice President for the Democratic Party.
This ballot is about 3" longer than most examples seen on the market.
Approximate size is 3.5" X 10 1/4" and printed on yellow paper. The ticket features a vingette of the Union Flags around a woodcut of McClellan.
From Vinton Co., Ohio, it lists electors for the state at large & for each congressional district.
For the Presidential election of 1864, Ohio's state legislature initiated special voting procedures to be used -when a vote was cast, each ballot was to be "Spindle Cancelled" leaving a small hole in the center of the ballot. This ballot has the old spindle cancellation showing it was used to vote in that historic presidential election. Wear as shown in the photos.

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