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Murdered by Guerrillas! Cdv of General Robert L. McCook
Cdv of General Robert L. McCook, who was shot in the stomach while laying sick in an ambulance in August, 1862! On August 5, 1862, Rebel guerillas, commanded by Frank Gurly, ambushed McCook and his small escort party as they travelled from Decherd, TN toward New Market, Alabama.
A "brave" man shot McCook in the abdomen as he lay helpless in an ambulance wagon suffering from dysentery. He had just recovered from a severe leg wound received at the Battle of Mill Springs, KY.
McCook was taken to a local house where he died the next day after suffering nearly twenty-four hours of agonizing pain.
Wear as shown in the photograph, Nashville, TN b/m. Much nicer in person, this is a very hard image to find at any time!

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