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Gardner's Incidents of the War large albumen
Gardner's Incidents of the War large albumen of the "Mathews House, Battle-field of Bull Run." In very fine condition, much better in person than the scan represents. Taken in March, 1862 and photographed by Timothy O'Sullivan.

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One of the earliest Civil War battles was fought in 1861 at this location in Manassas, Virginia: The First Battle of Bull Run (known as First Manassas by the South). The Manassas National Battlefield Park maintains the Bull Run battlefields, Civil War monuments, and significant historical structures such as the house shown in this picture. The Stone House (also known as Matthew’s House) was a common landmark for both the First and Second Manassas battles. This beautiful home was occupied by both Confederate and Union soldiers at different times during the Civil War, and was also used as a field hospital for soldiers wounded during battle. Matthew’s house was in a prime location; Soldiers who held it could move about with relative ease and have more control over the battlefield. Today, Matthew’s Stone House still rests in the same location as in 1861, at the intersection of the Manassas/Sudley Road and the Warrenton Turnpike.