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Incredible 1890 Gettysburg Reunion with many famous Generals!
This photo was taken during the visit of the Comte De Paris to Gettysburg on October 15, 1890. The party of 20 is shown posed in front of the monument to Major General John F. Reynolds which still stands in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. The monument depicted was the first bronze statue at Gettysburg and was raised in 1872. It is said that it was cast out of four cannon barrels. The monument was raised by veterans of the 1st Corps.

The contrast on the image is excellent and the faces of the subjects can be clearly seen. An outstanding image just full of Gettysburg personalities.

Seated in the front row are Generals John Newton, Abner Doubleday, Daniel Sickles, Henry Slocum, Oliver O. Howard and Orlando Smith. Standing in the back row are Generals David McM. Gregg, Horatio G. Wright, Dan Butterfield and John P. Taylor. The rest are lesser known personages or French dignitaries.
A key at the bottom tells who everyone is and the date of the photo. There is a carriage to one side of the photo with a rather large gentleman seated in front. It is believed that this is a Licensed Battlefield Guide named William D. Holtzworth. Holtzworth was a Gettysburg resident and a wounded veteran of the 87th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.
Black frame measures 17.5" x 11.5" wear as shown in the photographs.

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