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1882 Cabinet Card of Sitting Bull
Cabinet Card of Uncapapa Sioux Chief Sitting Bull taken at Fort Randall in the Dakota Territory after his surrender. Published in 1882 by Bailey Dix and Mead, this full sized cabinet card (6.5 inches by 4.25 inches) is entirely original and in excellent overall condition.
The front shows Sitting Bull with a beaded pipe bag and peace pipe in his lap above the caption "THE ABOVE IS A TRUE PHOTO AND AUTOGRAPH OF SITTING BULL, THE SIOUX CHIEF OF THE CUSTER MASSACRE".
The reverse of the cabinet card is its original light yellow color (not fading...the originals are actually a pale yellow color) and contains a list of the 23 other cards in the series along with the following quotation:
"This noted chief, With his band of Ucapapa Sioux Indians, now prisoners of war at Fort Randall, D.T., is 43 years of age; Weight 200 pounds ; Height 5 ft 9 in.
Has had over 100 engagements with their natural enemies, the Crows, of which he proudly boasts, but is too shrewd to acknowledge having killed any whites. He has had 9 wives. The two now living with him appear with descriptions in nos 5, 11 and 20. He has had one child be each of his first 6 wives".

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