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December, 1860 to February, 1861 Fort Abercrombie, D.T. Hospital Muster Roll for Nurses, Matrons, Soldiers, etc

"The Gateway to the Dakotas"

December, 1860 to February, 1861 Fort Abercrombie, D.T. hospital Muster Roll for Nurses, Matrons, Soldiers, etc.
Early Dakota Territory military material from Abercrombie is very scarce. 1860 was a very busy time for the soldiers, having to re-build the fort after abandoning it the year before due to Indian problems.
"Fort Abercrombie, in North Dakota, was an American fort established by authority of an act of Congress, March 3, 1857. The act allocated twenty-five square miles of land on the Red River of the North in Dakota Territory to be used for a military outpost, but the exact location was left to the discretion of Lieutenant Colonel John J. Abercrombie. The fort was constructed in the year 1858. It was the first permanent military settlement in what became North Dakota, and is thus known as "The Gateway to the Dakotas".
Measures roughly 30.5" x 9.75" and is in fine condition with wear as shown in the photographs.

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"Fort Abercrombie: Established August 28, 1857. Located on the left bank of the Red River of the North at Graham's Point, twelve miles north of the confluence of the Bois de Sioux and Otter Tail rivers. Established by Lieutenant Colonel John J. Abercrombie, 2nd U.S. Infantry, for whom the post was named, it was intended to protect settlers in the Red River Valley from the Sioux Indians. Later on, in its life, Fort Abercrombie was the terminus of the military mail routes from Fort Stevenson via Fort Totten and from Fort Wadsworth (Ft. Sisseton) via Fort Ransom. Evacuated on July 25, 1859, but reoccupied in July 1860, and rebuilt. Finally abandoned on October 23, 1878. The buildings were sold to area settlers for their use. The military reservation was transferred to the Interior Department on July 14, 1880.