**SOLD** October, 1863 2nd Texas Infantry letter- "I killed a Federal"
Two page confederate letter, written on green paper from Robert Knox of the 2nd Texas Infantry (CSA) to his mother.
Written from a camp near Evergreen, Louisiana on October 24, 1863. It is two pages long (one sheet, both sides), some folds have been repaired with archival tape, and there is also some old scotch tape repairs.
This is an unusual letter as soldiers in all wars tended not to mention they had killed somebody, particularly to their families, just that in a certain number had been killed in battle. He tells his mother his group was cut off from Green’s brigade “but we made our way out through the swamp and got off very well.”
Apparently some of the federal's were Kansas Jayhawks, a group particularly despised by confederates. The letter has wear as shown in the photographs. This is a very interesting letter from a scarce Texas unit.

"Camp near Evergreen LA Oct 24th, 1863
Dear Mother

I seat myself this evening to write you a few lines as it has been sometime since I wrote to you. I am doing well at present, enjoying good health and plenty of fighting to (missing word).
We arrived here at our train yesterday evening after having been absent from it for nearly four weeks. The boys were mighty glad to get to it to get some clean clothes as they have not had a clean suit to change in during the whole time & some of them had almost become _____.
The boys all are very near with out any clothing that will do to wear these cold mornings. It has got to be very cold down here although it is several degrees farther south than it is at home. Captain Perry has been trying for several weeks to get off some of the men home after clothing for the company but it don't look like he can hardly get them off. I think though he will succeed in getting them off after so long a time. The men are needing them very badly. When they do come you must send me two pairs of pants & two of drawers 2 or 3 shirts about 4 pair of socks. The socks & over shirt & gloves that you sent me I got it but the socks are too small for me this year. Send me my winter vest and also tell Pat to send my boots
Page 2
we had a right smart fight the other day and captured seven prisoners and horses and several six shooters. But while our Regt was separated from the Brigade fighting the Brigade & Gen Green’s Brigade and all the forces near Opelousas were driven away after about two hours hard fighting & thus we were again cut off.
I have no doubt but that our Brigade thinks that ______ captured but we made our way out through the swamp & got off very well. We were some seven or eight miles from the command doing our fighting from them. We lost only one man wounded out of our Regiment. I captured a bridal, halter, a fine pair of spurs & a tolerable good oil cloth. I saw Gen Walkers Division the other day and saw all the boys from our neighborhood & Tony & Oly are doing very well & look fine. They are very anxious to get in a fight. I shot six times the other day & one shot I think I killed a Federal.
I think that Mr. Turner will come home soon on furlough as his health is very bad. It has improved some in the last few days. As for myself I am doing fine and if I can get my boots I think that I will continue to do so. I must bring this to a close by saying give my respects to all the girls & be sure and send me some apples when you send my clothing to me.

I remain very respectfully your son
Robert Knox
P.S. we had a very large frost last night. Our flight was on the 21st of Oct.

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