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2nd USSS Berdan's Sharpshooters soldier's letter- many deaths in the regiment!
2nd USSS Berdan's Sharpshooters soldier's letter- many deaths in the regiment!
Written by Horace D. Moore of Co. F. Here is a transcription:

Respected Friend
I take the liberty to write you a few lines I am enjoying myself and I hope your lot may be one of happiness I suppose you have work plenty you must not work to hard I hear that you and Julia attend the Soldiers aid society I hope they do something to aid the sick if they would make some good straw bed ticks and
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and send them to some one that they wer acquainted with they might do some good the sick suffer a great deal for the want of such things I have known of three that was taken sick they were caried to the Hospital Tent and laid on the ground where there wasn't straw enough to cover the ground they lay there till one of our boys went up to see them and found how they wer left we sent up blankets and straw and made them as comfortable as we could in this place yesterday we buried three from one company of Michigan boys today they have gone to bury another another died since they started all from one company we have buried two of our company
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Two more that we don't expect will live but a little while there is 20 sick in this Co. the weather is growing cold last night (Jan 5th 1864) was the coldest night we have had this year the ground froze pretty hard last night today it is thawing out again it is a very lazy life to live there is a company of Vermont boys just arrived here they have commenced putting up their tents by the side of ours I don't seem much like Sunday today there is more noise here today then there is in Lebanon of a week day we have to come out on dress parade at half past 4 that is all that we have to do today. Since I commenced writing another has died the Doctor
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says it is not near as sickly here as it is in other regiments the boys that are sick do not take care of themselves as they aught there is one man in this company from Plainfield by the name of Evereis from the east part, I should like to hear from you if agreeable to you can direct to
H. D. Moore Camp
Instruction Washington D.C.
Company F USSS
In care of Capt. Caldwell
Accept this with my best wishes H. D. Moore

Minor paper loss at center fold affecting nothing, otherwise in good condition.

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Horace D. Moore

Residence Lebanon NH; 34 years old.

Enlisted on 11/25/1861 as a Private.

On 11/26/1861 he mustered into "F" Co. US Volunteers 2nd SharpShooters He was transferred out on 8/24/1863

On 8/24/1863 he transferred into "C" Co. Veteran Reserve Corps 16th Infantry He was Mustered Out on 11/26/1864 at Harrisburg, PA

Other Information: born in Chelsea, VT