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Autograph of Old West  (Deadwood, DT) Character
This is a cool Deadwood, Dakota Territory related item. I purchased a letter from Douglas Kislingbury, son of Army Lt Fred Kislingbury, (who died at Cape Sabine while a member of the Greely Expedition from 1881 to 1884), written to General Greely in 1933.
While researching Douglas, I discovered he was sent to Deadwood in 1881 to be raised by Seth Bullock, the famous US Marshall while Frederick was in the Arctic.
This is a large clipped signature with address, taken from the cover and retained by Greely himself.
In fine condition with wear as shown in the scan.

In the recent HBO series on Deadwood they loosely based the character of "William Bullock" on Douglas Kislingbury (see below for more details). Douglas was witness to the rowdiness and trouble of that famous town. I wish he would have written about it in detail. This is for the Old West collector who would appreciate its "coolness"!

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"Seth Bullock Takes Care of His Sister's Son

Seth Bullock had three sisters Agnes, Jessie and Alma. Federick F. Kislingbury married Seth Bullock's sister Agnes in 1867. They had a son named Douglas. Agnes died in 1878. Federick F. Kislingbury then marries his deceased wife's sister Jessie in 1879. She dies of mountain fever.

Frederick F. Kislingbury sends 7 yr old son to brother-in-law Bullock May 10 1881"

William Bullock- William Bullock (Josh Eriksson) is Seth Bullock's nephew turned stepson. He is very polite and is respectful towards those with authority but on his arrival to Deadwood could not help but goggle at the prostitutes' dangling breasts, for which his mother scolded him. He shows much respect towards his stepfather and admires his accomplishments. His introduction to Deadwood was a truly memorable scene; the stagecoach rolling to a stop next to the sight of his stepfather and Swearengen in a deadly serious brawl which had just propelled them off the second floor balcony onto the street, punctuated by partisan onlookers taking shots at each other, and Swearengen about to stab Bullock with a knife which he had produced from hiding, but pausing to raise his bloody head to grin demonically at the passengers and bellow "Welcome to fucking Deadwood! Can be combative!" One day while helping Tom Nutall with his new bicycle, young William was trampled and killed by Samuel Fields.."