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Photo of Ford's Theater and Captured CSA Bill "REBEL ARCHIVES" Organizing the "Bureau of Conscription"
Captured three page Confederate States of America, House of Representatives Bill, stamped "REBEL ARCHIVES", organizing the "Bureau of Conscription"! This bill was once kept in Ford's Theatre, which was the suppository for all captured confederate documents, post war. Included is superb 1870's view of the famous theater (see below).
In fine condition with wear as shown in the scan.

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HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, May 16, 1864.--Read first and second times and referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. May 24, 1864.--Reported back favorably. Postponed, made a special order after tax bills, and ordered to be printed.

[By Mr. MILES.]

A BILL To be entitled An Act for the organization of the Bureau of Conscription, and the appointment of officers in said Bureau.

1 SECTION 1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do 2 nact, That the Bureau of Conscription, in connection with the 3 War Department, shall be charged with the execution of such 4 duties as may be assigned to it by the Secretary of War, under 5 the acts of Congress to provide further for the public defence, 6 and to organize forces to serve during the war, and shall consist 7 of a Chief of the Bureau, with the rank of a brigadier general 8 in the provisional army, of two assistants, one with the rank of 9 lieutenant colonel, and the other with the rank of major, and 10 such subordinates, with the rank of captain, not exceeding four, 11 as the wants of the service may require, and three inspectors, 12 with the rank of colonel. These officers may be selected and 13 assigned, with their rank aforesaid, from the provisional army,

Page 2 14 or may be appointed by the President, by and with the advice 15 and consent of the Senate.

1 SEC. 2. That there shall be appointed in each State a commander 2 of conscripts, with the rank of colonel, who shall be 3 charged with the superintendence and control of the business of 4 conscription in the State, under the direction of the Bureau and 5 the War Department, commanders of camps of instruction and 6 enrolling officers in each congressional district, with the rank of 7 major, and such sub-enrolling officers and drillmasters as the 8 service may require, with the rank of captains and lieutenants, as 9 the Secretary of War may deem necessary for the service in the 10 States.

1 SEC. 3. That there may be appointed in each State one assistant 2 quartermaster, with the rank of captain, and two assistant 3 commissaries, with similar rank, for assignment to duty at the 4 camps of instruction, if their service be required, and who may 5 select suitable agents to assist them, who shall give bond for the 6 performance of their duty.

1 SEC. 4 That the officers appointed under this act shall have 2 the pay and allowances corresponding to their rank of officers of 3 cavalry, and officers may be assigned to them from the invalid 4 corps, with the temporary rank belonging to the service to which 5 they may be assigned.

1 SEC. 5. That the Secretary of War shall have power to make

Page 3 2 allowances to commanders of camps of instruction, enrolling 3 officers, sub-enrolling officers and other employees of the Bureau 4 of Conscription who have heretofore been employed, not exceeding 5 the rates hereinbefore specified for the service performed.


Add to the end of the third section:

1 Provided, That quartermasters, commissaries and their agents 2 and employees, when appointed, shall be taken from those not 3 liable to military duty under the several acts of Congress in such 4 case made and provided.