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Cdv of 2nd Colorado Cavalry Surgeon
Cdv of 2nd Colorado Cavalry Surgeon Irving J. Pollock, taken by G. Wertz, Kansas City. Dr. Pollock was commissioned into the field and staff of the 3rd Colorado Infantry, which consolidated with the 2nd Colorado Cavalry October of 1863.
These two regiments share the same history. Image has wear as shown.

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The regiment was stationed at several posts throughout Colorado Territory, including forts, Garland, Lyon, etc., and later saw action in Indian Territory and Missouri, and for a time headquarters were at Kansas City. With the threat of attack into Kansas by Gen. Sterling Price’s Confederate Army, the regiment was ordered to report to Fort Leavenworth, Ks.

After many hard engagements the 2nd Colo. Cavalry pursued a demoralized confederate army south, until they had retreated into Arkansas and Texas. After these engagements, the 2nd Colorado Cav. would garrison several forts along and in the area of the Smoke Hill Trail in Kansas (This would become the Smoke Hill Road established by Daniel Butterfield; the fastest way to the Denver Gold Fields), and in the later part of the war, had several skirmishes with Indians.