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Cdv of CSA General Edward Thomas from Georgia
Cdv of CSA General Edward Thomas from Georgia.
Sharp photo from life in Confederate uniform. After Georgia seceded, Thomas in October 1861 became colonel of the 35th Georgia Infantry.
The regiment was assigned to Joseph R. Anderson's brigade, which became part of A. P. Hill's famed "Light Division." While commanding the regiment, Thomas was wounded at the Battle of Beaver Dam Creek (Mechanicsville) during the Seven Days Battles.
However, the wound was not serious and Thomas remained on the field. When Anderson left to take control of the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Thomas was promoted to brigadier general to command the brigade.
He retained this position for the rest of the war and was present at all of the major battles of the Army of Northern Virginia. When division commander William D. Pender was mortally wounded at Gettysburg, Thomas was the senior commander left in the division. It was said he was not promoted to division commander because, as a Georgian,
he was not favored in a division that contained two North Carolina brigades. Whatever the reason, Thomas remained a brigade commander until Appomattox.
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