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Cdv of Pvt. Bourne Spooner, 13th Massachusetts Infantry
Cdv of Pvt. Bourne Spooner, 13th Massachusetts Infantry. Spooner, of Company D, was captured on the retreat from Oak Ridge on July 1st.
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Ink identified on the back, no b/m, wear as shown in the photographs.

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"- Bourne Spooner of Company D, 13th Massachusetts, wrote his reminiscences that recently appeared in an article by Bradley M. Forbush, The Gettysburg Magazine, issue 55, p. 20: “Some of the rebs tried to escape when the charge was made, and one fellow was bearing off a Confederate flag when Major Gould raised the attention of the men to him, and he at once fell, probably pierced by many bullets.” (The charge Spooner is referring to was made late in the day against some of O'Neal's men occupying a low spot in the Mummasburg Road, which came after the 88th Pennsylvania, with the rest of Baxter's brigade, had been relieved and moved south to near the railroad cut. I figure the flag mentioned by Spooner was either that of the 26th Alabama or possibly the 6th Alabama. If the former, was it somehow missed and left behind on the field?)"