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Cdv of Union General William P. Carlin (Ft. A. Lincoln commander)
Cdv of William P. Carlin. Please see his biography shown below. Anthony, NY photographer's b/m. Minor trim at bottom, otherwise wear as shown.

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Carlin, William P., brigadier-general, was born in Rich Woods Greene county, Ill., Nov. 24, 1829, and was graduated at the United States military academy in 1850, with the brevet rank of 2nd lieutenant. After serving in garrison duty at Fort Snelling, Minn., he became 1st lieutenant in the 6th infantry, March 3, 1855, and took part in Gen. Harney's expedition against the Sioux in that year. He commanded a company in the expedition against the Cheyennes the following year, spent the years from 1858 to 1860 in California, and on March 2, 1861, was promoted captain. He entered the volunteer service in August of that year as colonel of the 38th Ill. volunteers, and was present at the defeat of Gen. Jeff. Thompson at Fredericktown, Mo., Oct. 21, 1861, after which he commanded the district of southeastern Missouri. He won promotion to brigadier-general of volunteers for gallant action at Perryville, in Oct., 1862, took part in the Tullahoma campaign and the battles of Chickamauga, Lookout mountain and Missionary ridge. He was brevetted lieutenant- colonel for distinguished service at Chattanooga, and in Feb., 1864, as major of the 16th U. S. infantry, was engaged in the Georgia campaign and the surrender of Atlanta. He won the brevet of colonel, U. S. A., at Jonesboro, Ga., Sept. 1, 1864, and for faithful and efficient service during the war, he was made, on March 13, 1865, brevet major-general of volunteers, and brevet brigadier-general and major-general U. S. A. After the war he was engaged in frontier duty during the Indian troubles, was made colonel of the 4th infantry, in 1882, and was retired in 1893.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 8

(Lieut.‑Colonel, 17th Infantry, Jan. 1, 1872)

Aug. 29 to Oct. 10, 1872, Ft. McKean, Dak., Oct. 11, 1872, to June, 1873, being engaged against Indians attacking the fort, Oct. 14, 1872, Mar. 3, 1873, and June 16‑17, 1873, and Ft. Lincoln, Dak., to Sep., 1874, and Nov. 15, 1874 to July, 1875; in command of Ft. Wadsworth, Dak., July 27 to Oct. 6, 1875; as Member of Retiring Board, at Washington, D. C., Oct. 11, 1875, to Aug. 4, 1876; and in command of regiment and post of Standing Rock Agency, Dak., Aug. 15, 1876, to Aug. 8, 1878 (on leave of absence, Mar. 21 to May 5, 1877, and Aug. 8, 1878, to May 3, 1879); in command of regiment and Ft. Yates, Dak., to May 24, 1881,