**SOLD** Cdv of 2nd Mass. Infantry Colonel Wilder Dwight
Cdv of 2nd Massachusetts Infantry Colonel Wilder Dwight, who was mortally wounded September 17th, 1862.
Whipple, Boston photographers b/m. In fine condition with wear as shown.


The story of his last note to his mother is famous so it is shown below.

"In the last act of his short military career, Wilder Dwight implored his soldiers in the 2nd Massachusetts to keep their heads down as fighting raged near the Hagerstown Pike. Just before he was about to give further orders during the Battle of Antietam, a bullet struck him in the left hip, sending him crashing to the ground. "They have done for me," the 29-year-old lieutenant colonel said after he was shot.
Also wounded in the left wrist, Dwight complained of intense pain, but while his regiment fell back a short distance, he refused to be moved. The pain was simply too much to bear. As the fighting swirled near the Dunker Church, the Harvard-educated officer struggled to complete the short note he had begun to his mother earlier that misty morning of Sept. 17, 1862, well before the fighting reached a crescendo:

""Dearest Mother, I am wounded so as to be helpless. Good by, if so it must be. I think I die in victory. God defend our country. I trust in God, and love you all to the last. Dearest love to father and all my dear brothers. Our troops have left the part of the field where I lay. "Mother, yours, "Wilder."
Across the opposite page, in much larger letters, he wrote:
"All is well with those that have faith."