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"Enfans Perdu" Lt. Colonel Felix Confort December, 1862 DS
"Enfans Perdu" Lt. Colonel Felix Confort December, 1862 DS. One page listing all the sick as of December 28th, 1862 at Yorktown, Virginia.
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Independent Corps Light Infantry ("Enfans Perdus").-Lieut.-Cols., Felix Comfort, Simon Levy; Majs., John Carter Brown, Michael Schmidt.

This regiment was recruited and organized in New York city during the winter 1861-62. Six companies, A to F, were mustered into the U. S. service on April 18, 1862, for three years. In Aug., 1862, another company, and in March, 1863, two more companies, joined it in the field.

On Jan. 30, 1864, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Levy, the regiment was consolidated with the 1st N. Y. engineers, and the 47th and 48th N. Y. infantry, being discontinued as a separate organization. The regiment, consisting of six companies, left the state on April 18, 1862, and served on the Peninsula at Gloucester and Yorktown until the end of the year.

Assigned to the 1st brigade of Peck's division, 4th corps, it was ordered to North Carolina in Dec., 1862, where it became a part of Naglee's brigade, 1st division, 18th corps, and was later placed in Davis' brigade, Naglee's division, same corps. With this command, early in 1863, it was ordered to Beaufort, S. C., and then to Charleston harbor, becoming a part of the 10th corps.

During the summer and fall of 1863 it participated in the various operations about Charleston harbor, being stationed at St. Helena on Morris island, and on Folly island. It took part in the engagements on Morris island in July, siege of Fort Wagner, bombardment of Fort Sumter, and Olustee, Fla.

During its term of service as a separate organization, the regiment lost by death 7 enlisted men killed in action, 2 enlisted men of wounds received in action, 52 enlisted men from disease and other causes, a total of 61.

Source: The Union Army, Vol. 2, p. 180

New York INDEPENDENT CORPS, LIGHT INFANTRY. Enfants Perdus; Lost Children; German Legion.

This regiment, Lieut.-Col. Felix Confort, was organized in New York city, where it was recruited under authority from the State, dated November 22, 1861; and where, April 18, 1862,. six companies, A to G, were mustered in the service of the United States for three years. Company C was originally Company A of the Stevens' Sharpshooters, an organization which failed of completion. In August, 1862, one company, and in March, 1863, two companies, joined those in the field. Company K was transferred in the field to the other companies.

The regiment, six companies only at the time, left the State April 18, 1862; it served in the 4th Corps, Army of the Potomac, at Gloucester and Yorktown from May, 1862; in the 1st Brigade, Peck's Division, 4th Corps, in North Carolina, from December, 1862; in Naglee's Brigade, 1st Division, 18th Corps, from December, 1862; in the 2d, Davis', Brigade, 2d, Naglee's, Division, 18th Corps, in South Carolina, from January 11, 1863; at Beaufort, S.C., from April, 1863; with 10th Corps, at St. Helena, S.C., from May, 1863; on Folly Island, S.C., from July, 1863; on Morris Island, S.C., from August, 1863; part of the 10th Corps, from October, 1863; and, January 30, 1864, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Simon Levy, the enlisted men were transferred to the 1st Engineers, 47th and 48th Infantry, and the regiment discontinued, having lost during its service by death, killed in action, 7 enlisted men ; of wounds received in action, 2 enlisted men; of disease and other causes, 52 enlisted men; total, 61; of whom 1 died in the hands of the enemy.

Source: Phisterer, p. 4,114