Excellent early 6th Wisconsin Infantry officer's letter to Captain Rufus Dawes

Excellent early 6th Wisconsin Infantry officer's letter to Captain Rufus Dawes
Excellent three page early 6th Wisconsin Infantry officer's letter to Captain Rufus Dawes from his then Sgt. Lyman B. Upham.
In fine condition with wear as shown in the scans.

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”Headquarters 6th Reg. Wis. Vol.
Arlington Heights Va 31st Dec. 1861
Captain Dawes,
Dear Sir,
I take this early opportunity of writing you knowing you will be glad to hear from your company. I will tell you how we have gotten along since you left. Do you remember that _____ was detailed on a court-martial and so of course could not take us out on Battalion drill in the afternoon. Also that you intended to have a Lieut Reeder drill the Co., well Lieut Reeder for some cause was unable to go out with us. So when drill time came no one was here to take out the Co. This _______ formed the Co. and at the call marched them out to the “Regimental parade ground” and there formed them in their proper position in the Battalion anxiously wishing that some officer would come to my relief, and that Marietta was in some hot place so that you could have remained with us.
Page 2

Well just as we were on the point of leaving Capt. Brown took charge of “K” and I felt as though a load had been removed from my shoulders. We had a good drill. “K” never did better and came into camp in good season “fell in” immediately for “dress parade.” Lieut Serrill taking command there ended our first day without our Captain. Two men remaining in off “dress parade” viz Simons and Dick. They saying you excused them from all duty for the day before you left. A ? in my mind.
After supper I wrote three court-martials four _____ finished about eleven P.M.
This morning all was bustle preparing for inspection. I made out the Roll of the Co. took the “Muster Rolls” to the adjutant, prepared my own accoutrements and was getting barbered when the drum beat. I left my hair half combed and fell the Co. in. We were inspected by Capt. Chandler. All the men answered to their names with the exception of Brown and A.G. Emmons who remained in Quarters. Even Hancock came up to be mustard.
Page 3

All has gone on smoothly so far. I am cross and ugly, took two men to the Officer of the Guard today for coming to their quarters. An imperative order being issued last night to that effect. I am a little afraid Remington and Quan may get into difficulty before you return, for you know they never thought too much of each other.
Captain Brown says he wishes he had Co. “K” they move so easily
Bully for Co. “K”
I will write again shortly so as to keep you posted
I remain yours truly
LB Upham
To Capt. R. R. Dawes”

Lyman B. Upham- James P. Sullivan, 6th Wisconsin: Skirmishing at the Battle of South Mountain: “….The skirmishers pushed on up the side of the mountain and soon came in sight of the enemy’s skirmishers and opened fire on them. The ground was a cultivated field with a heavy wood on the right and Company K’s line extended from the woods down to the road. The field was pretty full of large stones, and now and again a huge boulder stood up and afforded both us and the enemy excellent cover. Lieutenants Ticknor and Upham [Lyman] directed the movement of our company, which was always “Forward,” and about all they had to do was follow the men who needed no urging. Part of the men would fire and then rush forward while the others covered them and had at the rebels and then the rear line would pass through to the front and lay down while the other kept up fire, and in that way it was a steady advance…”

Lyman B. Upham

Residence New Lisbon WI; Enlisted on 6/25/1861 as a Private.

On 6/25/1861 he mustered into "K" Co. WI 6th Infantry He Resigned on 6/2/1864

Promotions: * 2nd Lieut 6/24/1862

Intra Regimental Company Transfers: * 10/10/1862 from company K to Field & Staff