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Identified Naval Surgeon CDV (Died July 1862)
Identified cdv of Harvard graduate and Naval Surgeon Charles H. Wheelwright.
Nice period id on verso: "Uncle Charles Wheelwright March 4, 1862"
I am providing a link below to a superb biography of Dr. Wheelwright. He died in July 1862 at Ship Island.
Brady, New York photographer's mark, in fine condition with wear as shown in the scan.

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"The following extract from a letter written by the distinguished commander, whose vessel, the Cayuga, led the fleet in the famous passage of the forts below New Orleans, and who had known him since his first entrance into the Navy, indicates in what estimation he was held in that service where the best years of his life were spent.

'The character of Dr. Wheelwright was singularly free from reproach of any kind. He had the love and respect of all who ever sailed with him. He ranked high in his own corps as a skilful and thorough physician, and was distinguished always for his sympathy with, and careful attention to, the sick. He adorned our profession by many noble qualities. With winning and affable manners, he combined firmness, a high conscientiousness, a firm adherence to whatever was right, and an uncompromising resistance to injustice and wrong.
He lived for others more than for himself; and this is proved by the manner of his death, which was caused by his devotion to our sick and wounded sailors after the battle of New Orleans No one who knew Dr. Wheelwright speaks of his loss without emotion; but to those who were intimately associated with him, his loss is beyond repair. His life was as gallant and costly a sacrifice as any which the Rebellion entailed on our country.'

Dr. Wheelwright was never married. His remains were buried at Mount Auburn, August 14th, 1862."