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Image of John F. Guilfoyle, 9th US Cavalry
Image of noted Apache Indian fighter John F. Guilfoyle, 9th US Cavalry, taken while a cadet at the West Point Military Academy (1874-1877). Image measures 4" x 6.5" and has the id from the album attached as shown. No b/m.

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25 July 1881; South-central New Mexico: From Mexico, Chief Nana, with remnants of Victorio's Mimbres band and 25 Mescalero Apaches, attacked a supply train heading to Fort Stanton in Alamo Canyon on 17 July. The head packer, named Burgess, was wounded. Lt. John F. Guilfoyle, escorting the train, doggedly went after Nana with 20 troopers of Company L, 9th Cavalry, and some Apache scouts. Following the raiders' trail down Dog Canyon, Guilfoyle descended the Sacramento Mountains too late to sop Nana from murdering three Mexicans.

The soldiers pursued west across the blistering White Sands to the San Andres Mountains. On 25 July, while Nana stopped to rest, Guilfoyle caught up with him. The troopers wounded two warriors, while three of their own scouts were hit. They seized 2 horses, 12 mules, and all of Nana's camp supplies, but the old chief got away. "1st Lt. John F, Guilfoyle, I Troop, a West Point graduate, was later accused of racist actions by the enlisted men and noncommissioned officers of his troop. Schulart, Buffalo Soldiers, Braves, and the Brass, pp. 88-89"

Scouting and Acting Engineer Officer of District of New Mexico (Acting Assistant Adjutant-General, Oct. 7, 1879, to June 10, 1880), to Nov. 10, 1880, Ft. Stanton, N. M., to Dec. 2, 1880, Ft. Craig, N. M., to Jan. 13, 1881, in the field (commanding Indian Scouts, May to Nov., 1881), to Nov., 1881, Military History. (Brevet 1st Lieutenant, Feb. 27, 1890, for gallant services in action against Indians at White Sands, N. M., July 19, 1881; in the San Andreas Mountains, N. M., July 25, 1881; and at Monica Springs, N. M., Aug. 3, 1881).....
Served: At Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to Sept., 1890; at Fort Robinson, Neb., to Nov., 1890; Adjutant of Major Henry's battalion in the field in South Dakota during the campaign against Sioux Indians to Jan., 1891, being engaged at Pine Ridge Agency and White Clay Creek, S. D., Dec. 30, 1890;