Cdv of Fannie Virginia Casseopia Lawrence, redeemed slave child holding a hoop toy
Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri & Wisconsin CDV's
"100 Year Old Reproduction"- Give me a break!
"A man without a country" Civil War cdv
"A Son of Southern Chivalry Hauling Wood"-Civil War Cdv (Huntsville, AL)
"Albany Army Letter" 1863 Newspaper (only three issues ever produced)
"Another ebay turd"
"Betsy Ross making the first United States flag"
"Don't see it" Patriotic Cover
"Gallant and meritorious services"
"Grey Zone" fraud advice from Japan- Please read!
"Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon- As Mounted for Service Afloat"
"Murder of Miss Jane Mc Crea A.D. 1777." 1846 Lithograph
"N.Y.S. Volunteer Militia" Patriotic Cover
"No 1 Secesh Chain Jefferson Davis" Patriotic Cover
"No 10 Secesh Chain Maj. Gen. Gus Smith" Patriotic Cover
"No 11 Secesh Chain Brig. Gen. L. Polk" Patriotic Cover
"No 13 Secesh Chain Gen. Edw. Price" Patriotic Cover
"No 15 Secesh Chain Col. John Hunt Morgan" Patriotic Cover
"No 17 Secesh Chain Maj. Gen. G. J. Pillow" Patriotic Cover
"No 18 Secesh Chain Gen. Benj. Huger" Patriotic Cover
"No 2 Secesh Chain Alexander H. Stephens" Patriotic Cover
"No 21 Secesh Chain Gen. John B. Floyd" Patriotic Cover
"No 24 Secesh Chain Gen. Buckner" Patriotic Cover
"No 25 Secesh Chain Lieut. Maury" Patriotic Cover
"No 26 Secesh Chain Maj. Gen. Simmons" Patriotic Cover
"No 27 Secesh Chain Gen. John C. Breckenridge" Patriotic Cover
"No 28 Secesh Chain Gen. M. L. Bonham" Patriotic Cover
"No 29 Secesh Chain Gen. A. P. Hill" Patriotic Cover
"No 3 Secesh Chain Gen. Rob. Toombs" Patriotic Cover
"No 8 Secesh Chain Gen. John B. Magruder" Patriotic Cover
"Order of Indian Wars of United States" Membership Certificate
"Paypal" Scam BEWARE!!!!
"President Jeff, His Pipe will soon be out" Patriotic Cover
"Ripley's Believe It or Not!" Autographed Letterhead
"Scott's Tactics" Patriotic Cover
"The Lady with the Lamp" Florence Nightingale cdv
"The Wisconsin Volunteers" written on patriotic stationary by Wisconsin Soldier
(Myles Keogh) Cdv of Company "I" 2nd Sgt. Thomas G. Slark, 7th US Cavalry.
(New Update!!) A really sad state of affairs:
(Updated) A first rate scam! I hate ebay!
***SOLD*** Muster Roll signed by General Ranald S. MacKenzie
**SOLD** Rare photo of the Custer Monument Libbie had removed at West Point
**SOLD** Beautiful stereoview of General Issac Stevens and Staff
**SOLD** Cdv of General William B. Hazen
**SOLD** Large Albumen of General George Crook
**SOLD** October, 1863 2nd Texas Infantry letter- "I killed a Federal"
**SOLD** Rare early Indian War view of Indians, Soldiers and identified Indian Agent
1/4 Plate of Sailor wearing a decorated shirt & his family
106th NY Infantry collecting for General John Sedgwick's Memorial!
10th Ohio "Irish" Infantry wounded at Perryville, KY signed cdv
10th US Cavalry "Buffalo Soldiers" Muster Roll Signed by 52 Black Soldiers!
15th New York Engineer letter-shoots himself in the foot!
15th US Infantry Officer Group Cdv
1700's thru 1860 Military
1802 Northwest Territory General Court Document signed by one of the very first Ohio State Supreme Court Justices
1847 Buena Vista, Mexico Document Signed by famous Union General!
1851 California Military letter from (Gen) Joseph Hooker!
1851 Camp Yuma Rio Colorado Military letter
1855 Antonio López de Santa Anna ALS as President of Mexico
1858 CSA General James L. Kemper ALS (Pickett's Charge)
1861 Colonel E. E. Ellsworth "Assassinated" Patriotic Cover
1861 Document signed by General John J. Peck
1861 Patriotic Cover "Sumter First-Peace Afterwards"
1861-1865 Civil War
1862 AOP Document signed by (General) James Forsyth- Sheridan's Staff, 7th US Cavalry
1862 CDV of Mary Lincoln in mourning for Willie
1862 General Turner Ashby signed document-killed two months later!
1862 Iron Brigade Letter with great content!
1863 Army of Potomac General's Letter to Provost-Investigate suspicious signals, man outside lines
1863 Soldier's letter-Pawnee's burn Sioux Warrior to death over three days!
1864 Artillery
1866-1901 Indian Wars, Western
1868 General John Pope ALS
1870 testimonial signed by most 5th US Cavalry Officers at Ft. McPherson, NT
1873 Dept. of the Missouri Orders & Circulars book
1874 USMA Association of Graduates Booklet owned by General Thomas Ruger
1875 Ft. Brown, TX Black Soldier Nurse Document
1875 Standing Rock D.T. Indian Scouts Document
1876 "Starvation March" 2nd US Cavalry stereoview
1878 7th US Cavalry Document signed by Lt E. P. Eckerson
1878 Dept. of Dakota- Master of U.S. Steamer "General Sherman"
1878 Fort Rice, D.T. signed by 7th US Cavaly Lt. Col
1880 Captain Charles King autograph endorsement
1880 Fort Keogh M.T. DS by Ezra P. Ewers
1881 New Mexico ALS Gen E. Hatch, 9th Cavalry Death of officer
1884 LS from famous Indian War Officer
1887 U.S. Infantry & Cavalry School Vellum Diploma
1889 Ex-Prisoners of War Reunion Ribbon
1891 Fort Keogh, Montana Indian Wars Document
1905- 1939
1928 Klu klux Klan Membership Application
1930's Original Spanish Civil War 'Legion Condor' Propaganda Poster
1st Regt Indian Home Guard document
20th Century Military
20th Century Military +
20th/81st Ohio letter on Missouri State Militia Headquarters Imprinted Cover & Letterhead
22nd Infantry Indian Fighter Mott Hooton Signed Document
25th Maine Infantry Id'd Casey's Tactics Book III
2nd Michigan Cavalry CDV of Lt. George Bowen
2nd United States Sharpshooter (Berdan's) Document
36th Wisconsin Infantry "Martin's Soldiers Record"
4th Indiana Cavalry Identified cdv
4th Vermont Infantry Medal of Honor Recipient signed CDV
50th VA CSA Infantry Final Statement for Private who died at Elmira Prison
54th Mass. "Glory" Fake buckle
62nd New York "Anderson's Zouaves" Lt. Col. Oscar Dayton cdv
7th Cavalry Letter James F. Bell Medal of Honor
A "professional fake" -this is scary.
A better view of the repro backs
A close up view:
A closer look:
A closer view of letter:
A closer view:
A closer view:
A Fake Buckle-please have a look
A fellow dealers comments
A few more examples:
A few more stinky's to look at!
A great book for learning about Image collecting
A Great Story you should read.
A look at the fake id-
A modern copy-don't get suckered!
A new batch of fake images-have a look:
A real silver cup from the same period. Compare:
A terrible email scam about ebay information
A valuable Fraud Prevention link:
A very clever scam- please look here, it could save you money!!
A very scarce image of General William Sooy Smith
A Victory for the good guys!!
A view of the back id
A view of the back of fake buckle:
A view of the back with id's
A view of the back:
A view of the back:
A view of the back:
A view of the back:
A view of the bottom:
A view of the inside showing signatures
A view of the top:
AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia
Additional identity verification:
Additional photos of King for reference only:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Additional view:
Admiral C. R. P. Rodgers requests his son get leave from West Point
Adna R. Chaffee, Private to General, 6th US Cavalry TLS
Alabama "Coloured" man Jerry Madding steals a horse!
Amazing 1864 letter from Louisiana "Blood Hound Scout" Thomas H. Hall
Americana & Unusual
And another:
And another:
And another:
Another autograph:
Another Example to Look At- Please Learn:
Another example to review:
Another Fake Indian Tintype-this one is guaranteed by the seller
Another Lincoln fake brings $263.58!
Another new fake to be aware of:
Another possible "Danger" to the image collector-
Another view of a different auction from the seller of fake albumens
Another view of edge:
Another view of fake:
Another view of the edge:
Another view with open compartment:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Another view:
Anthony War Date Stereoview-Soldiers on Umbrella Rock, Lookout Mtn. Tenn.
Appraisal Letter (1998) $4000
April 18th, 1874 24th US Infantry officer's letter written from Ft. Brown, Texas
Arlington Cemetery Biography:
Arlington Cemetery link for Garlington:
Armed cdv of "Cheyenne Indian Black Horse"
Armed cdv of General Robert Cowdin
Armed Pennsylvania soldier cdv
Armed soldier on "Strawbury Plains Bridge" Knoxville, TN
ARMY MEDICAL MUSEUM Image of Soldier who froze his foot off in Dakota Territory
Army of Cumberland photograph of Gen. George H. Thomas
Army Officer killed in Alabama-Commanding a US Marshal's Posse!
Ashby's death photograph:
Auction Scam News from MSNBC
Authenticity up in smoke!
Autographed Cover of Admiral R. E. Byrd in Antarctica
Autographed order:
Back of 55th Officer image:
Back of cdv:
Back of check with murder victim signature:
Back of cover:
Back of document:
Back of Document:
Back of document:
Back of fake buckle
Back of fake image:
Back of image with signature
Back of image:
Back of letter with cover
Back of letter:
Back of letter:
Back of ribbon:
Back of Roll:
Back of stereo:
Back of Texas Ranger Badge
Back of the Duffie image
Back of this fake Custer:
Back of ticket:
Back view:
Backs of fakes
Battle of Britain "Combat Report" by Polish Squadron Officer
Battle of Britain Pilot Group Photograph
Battle of San Jacinto!! 3 page ALS by William Physik Zuber, last surviving San Jacinto veteran.
Beautiful "Beware of Traitors! Patriotic Cover
Beautiful "Confederate States of America, Nitre and Mining District" imprinted four page letter from famous VA family
Beautiful "In Memory of my Cruise in the Philippine Islands" Tapestry Panel
Beautiful & scarce Los Angeles Indian War soldier with medals
Beautiful 1863 Document Signed by General George H. Thomas
Beautiful 1903 President Teddy Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt photograph
Beautiful 25th UCV Reunion Houston Texas Ribbon
Beautiful Andrew Johnson autographed page
Beautiful cdv of General Michael Corcoran and the 69th New York State Militia.
Beautiful Identified Officer's Company Record Box
Beautiful Indian Wars Officer wearing GAR Badge Image
Beautiful late 1850's half-plate Ambrotype of Niagara Falls
Beautiful Lincoln Mourning Cockade & Ribbon
Beautiful Los Angeles, California boudoir photograph of a military unit on parade!
Beautiful President Zachary Taylor 1850 Mourning Ribbon
Beautifully framed General William T. Sherman Autograph Display
Berdan Sharp Shooter
Berdan's Sharpshooter Officer's Commission
Black Related Patriotic Cover "A King for the South"
Book on the life of Charles E. Garst
Book- 1806-1906 Centennial Celebration-Seventh Regiment N.G.N.Y.
Bottom of article:
Bottom of list of names:
Brass Cannon- Relic of the "Royal George" sunk 1782 with loss of over 800 lives!
Brief Descriptions of Dakota Territory Forts:
Cal Packard's Museum Quality Americana Website
California Militia Officer Bandsman Cdv
Camp of the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry Stereoview
Capt Henry Haymond CDV
Capt. R. H. Montgomery, Commander of the "Montgomery's Grays", 5th Cavalry Officer
CDV Maj. Gen. Stoneman
Cdv of "Miles O'Riley" Irish General Charles Halpine
CDV of 10th PA Infantry WIA Fredericksburg William D. Graham (also 2nd US Vols.)
Cdv of 17th Maine Infantry officer who lost arm at Chancellorsville
CDV of 1st Lt. H.B. Rathbourn 3rd MI Cavalry
Cdv of 1st Minnesota Infantry Colonel and General Alfred Sully
CDV of 2nd Michigan Cavalry Capt. George S. Hodges in uniform.
Cdv of 55th Massachusetts (Black) Infantry Officer (54th Mass sister Regiment)
Cdv of 7th Cavalry Officer Andrew Humes Nave
Cdv of 7th New York Captain Henry C. Shumway (famous artist)
Cdv of Apache KIA Lt. J. Hansell French
Cdv of Brevet General Arthur A. Goodell
Cdv of Capt. Edward B. Nugent WIA 3rd Mich Cavalry
Cdv of Captain Dana Willis King, 8th New Hampshire Infantry
Cdv of Col. Robert H. Stevenson WIA Brevet General
Cdv of Colonel Dudley Donnelly, 28th New York Infantry
Cdv of Colonel William Jackson, 18th NY Infantry
Cdv of Commodore David Porter
Cdv of Confederate Guerrilla John Mosby
Cdv of CSA General Braxton Bragg
Cdv of Florence Nightingale "the Lady with the Lamp"
Cdv of Gen. John Sedgwick wearing medal
Cdv of General Albert Lee
Cdv of General Alexander Chambers
Cdv of General Burnside
Cdv of General Henry M. Naglee
Cdv of General Horatio Wright
Cdv of General James Bowen
Cdv of General James Negley with unusual uniform
Cdv of General John Cochran
Cdv of General Joseph J. Reynolds
Cdv of General Joseph Johnston
Cdv of General Nathaniel Banks
Cdv of General Ormsby Mitchell
Cdv of General William F. Barry
Cdv of General William S. Harney
CDV of General William S. Rosecrans
Cdv of George A. Custer taken in March, 1876
Cdv of identified 8th South Carolina Infantry Officer killed at Antietam
Cdv of Indian War Officer, incredible id, died 1870 in Utah
Cdv of Irish General Michael Corcoran
Cdv of KIA General Hiram Berry, who died leading a bayonet charge
Cdv of Lincoln assassin J. W. Booth's killer -Sgt. Boston Corbett
Cdv of Lt John T. Greble, KIA June 10th, 1861
Cdv of Major General Hancock's Staff Officers
Cdv of Major General Jacob Cox & Staff
Cdv of Mortally wounded (Antietam) General Israel Richardson
Cdv of Mrs. Stephen Douglas
Cdv of murdered General William "Bull" Nelson
Cdv of Naval officer killed in the Battle of Mobile Bay
Cdv of Rear Admiral John Rodgers and staff
Cdv of Revolutionary War veteran
CDV of the historic Soldiers' Home in Washington D.C.
Cdv of Union Cavalry General Henry E. Davies
Cdv of Union General William P. Carlin (Ft. A. Lincoln commander)
Cdv Ohio General George W. Morgan-fought in Texas Revolution
Cdv's of id'd Naval Officer with spectacular Lincoln Mourning arm band!
CDV- Unique Napoleonic pose of General George H. Thomas
Central Virginia Battlefields Trust- Please visit this site!
Chaplain letter complaining about Secretary of War Stanton
Civil War Autographs
Civil War Documents
Civil War Images:
Civil War Letters
Civil War Photography
Click here for superb article on John Glover:
Click here to visit the site:
Click this line to visit Henry Barron Mellen biography:
Clipped Point Civil War Period Sheffield Bowie Knife with Cutlery Handle
Close up of "X" marks of soldiers
Close up of autograph:
Close up of description:
Close up of fake id
Close up of identification:
Close up of names on the back:
Close up of written record:
Close up view of medals:
Close up view of officers
Close up view:
Close up view:
Close-up of badge
Close-up of the signature:
Closer view #1
Closer View #2
Closer view of autograph:
Closer view of description area:
Closer view of insignia:
Closer view of page three:
Closer view of page two:
Closer view of soldiers:
Closer view of stereo:
Closer view of the signature:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Closer view:
Colonial Period & Pre-1860
Comments from other dealers (PLEASE READ!) :
Comparison of fake & real albumens
Comparison of real & fake id
Confederate CDV's:
Confederate Letter
Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island CDV's
Consignment Policy
Cotton Dealer writes great letter from New Orleans in 1864 dealing with the Cotton trade in Texas and Louisiana!
Cover- "No 30 Secesh Chain Comm. Hollins"
Cover-"No 7 Secesh Chain Maj. Gen. Sterling Price"
Cover-"No 9 Secesh Chain Judah P. Benjamin, Sec. of War."
Crime does Pay! Fakes bring big money on ebay.
CSA 1864 "Dist of Texas New Mexico and Arizona" General Order No 123, that all "white men..between..17 and 50, now in service, shall be retained during the present war.."
CSA 47th TN (Died POW) Captain's Letter-Ft. Donaldson has surrendered, even though they killed four times more than the Yankees!
CSA Chief Engineer ALS concerning dead General!
CSA General Joseph Shelby signed check
CSA/USA Major General Joseph Wheeler ALS
Current Scam Warnings-Look
Custer & 7th Cavalry Material:
Cyrus T. Brady (Indian Fights & Fighters) TLS about Indian Warfare
Death of 3rd Texas Cavalry Colonel Joseph Phillips described to son of JEB Stuart by Vet CSA Enlistedman
Delaware, New Jersey, New York CDV's
Detached Camp Douglas POW document
District of Columbia, Regular Army, Colored Troops CDV's
Doolittle Raid Autograph Display (Kappeler, Birch, Bower & Hite)
Doolittle Raiders Autograph Display (Cole, Ozok, Jones & Nielson)
Doolittle Raiders Autograph Display (Thatcher, Griffen, Herndon & Crouch)
Double signed cdv of General John Dix
Early Alamo cabinet card also showing "Alamo Building" Museum
Ebay and famous people's hair- my advice
Ebay Fakes- Look!
Ebays official response to known fakes:
Endorsements on the back of letter:
Engraving of Burr
Even More Fake CDV's-AARRGGHH!!
Even more:
Examples of fakes and frauds!! (Sadly-many examples!)
Excellent 2nd New Hampshire Letter-same day as 1st Bull Run!
Excellent Chaffee biography:
Excellent outdoor view of 7th U.S. Cavalry troopers!
Fake "Henry Flipper" (1st Black W.P. Cadet) Ambrotype
Fake Abraham Lincoln Autograph
Fake cdv's-Look at this
Fake CDV- take a look!
Fake Custer Officer Cabinet Card
Fake id'd cdv's of Gettysburg Soldier
Fake Lincoln brought $120.92!
Fake Lincoln brought $418.80!
Fake Lincoln brought $99.99!
Fake Meade Outdoor CDV-LOOK!!!!
Fake modern identification on period cdv
Fake Swords-Have a look!
Fake view:
Fake view:
Faking a CSA sword!
Fall Hill Mansion:
Famous 2nd U.S. Cavalry Officer Signed Document
Famous IW Scout Ben Clarke amazing archive:
Famous Kentucky Frontiersmen Ben Logan & Ed Worthington 1784 signed letter
Famous signed early war officer cdv
Fantastic West Point Class of 1869 Image "Pipes"
Fellow ebayer shares his fake story- look and learn
Fifth U. S. Cavalry Indian War Muster Roll
For reference only, cdv of John L. Hathaway
Fort Fetterman Massacre Officer Cdv
Fort Keogh, M.T. 1880 ANS by 5th US Infantry Officer Wm. Bowen
Fort Keough, MT Col. Swaine bids 22nd US Infantry farewell
Fortress Monroe with armed sentry stereoview
Frank and his wife Annie:
Free Blackman Texas Railroad fake
Front of book:
Front of book:
Front of document:
Front of letter:
Full standing armed officer cdv
Full view of authentic id
Full view of front:
Full view of photograph:
Full view:
Full view:
G.A.R. Navy hero-hearing destroyed shelling Fort Wagner! Housatonic blown up!
GAR Death Biography of WIA 18th US Inf. Fort Phil Kearney Massacre Officer
Gardner Sketchbook Image "The Halt"
Gen Wm. R. Shafter letter, sick with malaria!
Gen. John P. Hatch & Staff in Charleston, SC
Gen. McClellan & Identified staff at Yorktown, Virginia stereoview
General Andrew Jackson 1845 Mourning Ribbon
General Benjamin Logan biography:
General Gilbert M. F. Johnson 2nd IN Cav, 11th IN Cav. & Colonel 13th Indiana Cavalry
General Officer CDV's:
General Winfield Scott Hancock CDV (kk)
Gettysburg Battlefield Photographs
Gettysburg stereo-perb"The tree where Gen. Reynolds fell, July 1, 1863"
Give me a break- Fake CSA Identity coins (Same guy!) being auctioned at same time
Golden Age Aviator Roscoe Turner Signed Cover
Grant and the Peace Commissioners CDV
Great Content Confederate Surgeons Letter from Petersburg, VA "Peace Commissioners"
Great early Indian War Officer letter "the bugles blast"!
Great Indian Wars Officer Group Image Fort Yates (2)
Great new site- Medhurst & Co.
Ground Plan of old Fort Fetterman by a member of 4th US Infantry!
Help from a modern Ambrotype re-enactor artist:
Help the Medal of Honor Historical Society identify this 7th Cavalry Image
Here is another fake from 3/2/02
Historic General William T. Sherman LS (plus) concerning Presidents Lincoln and Grant!
Historic personal photograph of Hindenburg Survivor in bandages
Hopefully (yea right!) the last one:
Hospital at Fortress Monroe large Albumen
Hospital Inventory of Deceased Private Abram Poucher of the famous 14th Brooklyn Infantry
How they do it- faking sword aging This is scary!
I am getting tired of this:
I told you so!
Id'd Cdv of 23rd Massachusetts Infantry Musician
Id'd Ex-POW Envelope
Id'd January 1st to July 1st, 1864 Large Volume of General Orders
Identified 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves (Maj. Gen.) Colonel Horatio Sickel's Tactics Book
Identified 7th Minnesota Infantry Soldier
Identified CDV of Philemon C. Brewer, Co. F 26th Michigan Infantry
Identified Naval Surgeon CDV (Died July 1862)
Identified Union CDV's, Albumens
Illinois Reverend wants to form a sharp shooter company! 1862 Letter to Govenor
Image of 7th US Cavalry Officer Ernest Garlington Medal of Honor
Image of Ford's Theatre
Image of Indian War Officer Colonel Robert Conrad with cool brevet Insignia on collar
Image of John F. Guilfoyle, 9th US Cavalry
Important 43 page 1868 Treaty Stipulation Order for all Indian Tribes!
Important Relic from Old Libby Prison, Richmond, VA
Important Warning about a new Ebay Scam!
Impressive Captain Jack Crawford TLS on "The Poet Scout" Letterhead
Incredible 1880 Col. Samuel Sturgis, 7th US Cavalry four page ALS
Incredible 24th Iowa Infantry inscribed Corps Badge Medal
Incredible Funeral Notice- March,1808- Territory of Orleans Attorney General killed in a Duel!
Incredible huge 89th IL Infantry "Geographical History" Map
Incredible John Brown Souvenir!
Incredible Klu Klux Klan Burning Cross "Fiery Summons"
Incredible TLS from famous Custer author- Sandy Forsyth Roman Nose's 'charge'-Bill Cody lying about Tall Bull!
Indian Scout & Plainsman "Idaho Bill" photograph
Indian War Autographs, Documents & Letters & Misc.
Indian War Ladder Badge 1st & 22nd U.S. (Band) Infantries
Indian War Medal of Honor- 5th US Cavalry
Indian War Photography
Indian Wars Paper (1866-1891)
Information on Michael Sheridan, 7th Cavalry:
Ink identified 12th New Hampshire Infantry officer cdv.
Ink signed cdv of 9th Indiana Infantry/US Army Colonel/Senator/Dakota Gov. Gilbert A. Pierce
Ink signed West Point Class 1871 CDV
Inscription on barrel of cannon:
Inside of jacket:
Inside of letter with signature:
Inside of letter:
Inside of letter:
Inside of letter:
Inside of Obituary:
Inside of Roll:
Inside of the letter:
Inside of Wheeler letter:
Inside page with Shafter signature
Inside pages:
Inside the jacket:
Inside view of the letter:
Inside view:
Inside view:
Inside with signature:
Intrigue against famous Indian Agent Col. L. F. Spencer, Rosebud Agency
Invasion of the green cdv's!
Irish General James Shields recommends soon to be KIA Colonel Thomas Cass of the famous 9th Mass. Infantry to be a General!
Jeffrey Kraus Antique Photographica
Jeremy Rowe Vintage Photography
Jim Stanley's & Associates Civil War Catalog-Great site!
Keogh's autograph:
Killed at the famous "Wagon Box Fight"- Lt. John C. Jenness LS
Killer Double Armed IW Soldier Image
Klansman on horse with burning torch imprinted "Klabee's Official Receipt"
Large albumen of General Robert Granger & Staff
Large format Civil War Images:
Large framed oval albumen of rare NY Colonel
Last one:
Last page of 2nd letter:
Last page of letter:
Lay-a-way Policy (Important changes)
Lee and Horse Fake CDV
Life of Idaho Bill told by himself! Have a look here
Lincoln & Political Items
Link to Royal George info:
Look at inside pages:
Look at this!
Look at this:
Look here first!
Major General Leonard Wood TLS (MOH)
Many Custer related fakes:
Marie Barrow signed photograph with Clyde Barrow
Markings inside sleeve:
Mass Historical Society Image of
Massachusetts Minute Men of 1861 Medal (POW)
Material for sale? Let me have a look!
May & June 1873 Ft. Abraham Lincoln "Special Requisition" document signed by Gen. W. P. Carlin
Meade CDV
Medal of Honor **1872 4th Cavalry 1st Sgt. Wm. McNamara Document
Medal of Honor Document Signed by Sheridan, Stanton and Volkmar
Medal of Honor Henry Clay Wood letter "death...against the Cheyenne Indians"
Mexican War Document from Vera Cruz
Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee
Middle of article:
Military Images Advertisement (Oldie but a goodie)
Military Images Magazine
Military Images Magazine
Minty Cdv of General Frederick Steele
Modoc War 1870 Camp Bidwell, CA 1st US Cavalry Officer Letter
Modoc War Hero: HENRY C. HASBROUCK Image
Modoc War stereoview #1608 "Tule Lake Camp, South; Tule Lake in the distance."
Modoc War stereoview #1617 "Bringing in the Wounded after an Engagement"
Modoc War Stereoview #1618 "The Stronghold after its capture"
MOLLUS Gen. Phil Sheridan Obituary
MOLLUS Obituary for General & President U. S. Grant
MOLLUS Obituary for General W. S. Hancock
MOLLUS Obituary for Indian Fighter General George Crook
More Fake examples:
More information on James F. Reed (click link)
More pure EVIL!
More views:
Must view!
Muster Roll:
Name on edge of badge
Navy and Marine Corps cdv's
Nevada Territory Governor/Senator James Nye LS & Engraving
New batch of fake stereoviews hit fakebay!
New Batch of fakes hit the ebay market!
New Hampshire, Massachussett's CDV's
New Haven, CT Soldier's CDV
New Indian War Link- Please have a look
News, Info & Opinions
Newspaper clippings:
No Name
No Name
North South Trader Magazine's Review of this Site:
Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association
Note by Hazen on back:
Note on back page:
Now the idiots are selling fake civil war letters!
Now they threaten my safety!!!
Obvious fake rare General (Duffie)
One of the last known images of George A. Custer- Howell, NYC Cabinet Card
One page 1887 Gen. W. T. Sherman LS- just returned from visiting the West
One page ALS written by General John Wool, with albumens affixed
Ordering/Shipping Info:
Original 2003 sales ad:
Other half of document:
Outdoor Civil War cdv from Sacramento, CA
Outdoor Stereoview of Gen. A. A. Humphreys
Outstanding Aaron Burr ALS
Outstanding cdv of General A. S. Williams
Outstanding cdv of Mrs. Mary Lincoln by Brady
Outstanding Eadweard Muybridge Stereoview of the 4th US Artillery practicing at the Presidio California- early 1870's.
Outstanding framed large albumen of Ohio Officers
Outstanding identified Civil War Regimental Association Badge
Outstanding image of General Charles Devens
P.T. Barnum ALS on Barnum Museum Letterhead!
Page four
Page four:
Page one transcription:
Page one:
Page three
Page three:
Page two
Page two of transcription:
Page two:
Painting of Royal George (reference only)
Patriotic Cover "Design for a new coin of the C.S.A."
Patriotic Cover "Jeff Davis's adieu to his foes"
Patriotic Cover "Poor deluded Miss-Souri takes a Secession bath, and finds it much hotter than she expected!"
Patriotic Cover "The War for the Union"
Patriotic Cover featuring General Milroy
Patriotic Cover Henry Wise
Patriotic Covers:
Pending...Lt. Colonel Thomas J. Bryan 74th IL Infantry cdv
Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia CDV's
Period ink id on verso:
Photo from the book:
Photo of famous Frontiersman "Boney" Earnest
Photo of Ford's Theater and Captured CSA Bill "REBEL ARCHIVES" Organizing the "Bureau of Conscription"
Photo of Zuber late in life-
Photograph of Lt. (General) Charles King, 5th US Cavalry
Photograph of Samuel B. M. Young, US Army Officer extraordinaire!!
Pickett is charging again! This is a clever fake!
Pilot autographs
Pilot Biography:
President John F. Kennedy assassination-related vintage felt mourning flag.
Protective cover for letter:
Provost letter about Gannett
Purchase update, please read:
Rare 1860's cdv of Bison's Head by Lawrence, Kansas photographer
Rare 1861 Variant Confederate Jefferson Davis- Alexander Stephens Virginia Election Ticket.
Rare Custer Book Signed by Famous Crow Indian in 1930 & Photo
Rare Donner Party Autograph- James F. Reed Signed 1851 Document!
Rare Drummer Boy Regimental Cover
Rare Gen'l U S Grant Mourning Ribbon
Rare General Lawrence P. Graham 1870 Cavalry Letter
Rare Mexican War image of CSA Benjamin Huger with Southern backmark
Rare Ohio Colonel & "Gadfly" Donn Piatt
Rare relic of the USS Akron Airship
Rare War Date DS from Gen. Morgan Chrysler
Read this for complete description from the book "With Crook in the Black Hills"
Recent article on auction fraud- please read
Reference material for the badge:
Rough Rider Lt. Colonel Alexander O. Brodie 1870 West Point Image
Rugged view of "Old Pap" General George H. Thomas
Sam Sheppard Murder Case-"Crime of the century"
Same guy, different auction!!!!
Scarce "BATTLE FLAGS of OHIO-Mexican War, Civil War, Cuban War Last Parade April 27th, 1916" Ribbon
Scarce Brady view Of General George Thomas
Scarce cdv of General August Willich
Scarce CSA Gen. Dabney Maury Letter & Treason Order!
Scarce image of Gen James M. Warner
Scarce image of Mary Lincoln's cousin General John B. Todd
Second cdv of Officer:
Second page with signature:
Secretary of War offers West Point Superintendency to Gen. Thomas Ruger
Sep. 7th, 1873 24th US Infantry officer's letter written from Ft. Brown, Texas
Sept. 1862 54th Massachusetts Militia Muster Roll (with a twist!)
Sergeant-major McNeill of the 42nd Highlanders-KIA Tel-el-Kebir
Sgt. Thomas Cartwright Jr., 5th NY Zouaves Ensign Commission
Shotwell's Antiques
Signature page:
Signed Cabinet Card of General William S. Rosecrans
Signed cdv of (Admiral) Stephen D. Trenchard
Signed Cdv of 2nd West Virginia Cavalry Col. (Gen.) William H. Powell-Medal of Honor!
Signed cdv of 4th US Cavalry Enlistedman Charles H. Gauthier
Signed cdv of General Alexander McD. McCook
Signed cdv of General Alvin P. Hovey
Signed cdv of General John Brannan
Signed cdv of Indian Agent Major Peter Ronan
Signed cdv of Minnesota General Horatio P. Van Cleve
Signed image of the famous General Charles King
Signed photograph of Colonel Henry B. Carrington (Fetterman Massacre)
Signed Photograph of Lt. James Porter, Killed at Little Big Horn
Signed post war image of Ohio General Anson G. McCook (2nd Ohio Infantry)
Signs you are buying a fake on ebay:
Sitting Bull Ambrotype? OUCH!!!
Sixth US Cavalry Group Photo
Slave Tag made by same person?
Slave tags (Who are they trying to fool?)
Slavery/Black Related Patriotic Cover
Slavery/Black Related Patriotic Cover
Some more BULL!
Sorry- No Easy Way of Doing it!
Source for buying the fakes:
Spanish American War Material
Spectacular Frank James August 1876 newspaper article
Spectacular large framed armed officer albumen
Spectacular Signal Corps G.A.R. Memorial Record with Image
Spectacular Union Cavalry Shell Jacket
Spine of the book
Stephen Douglas Political Patriotic Cover
Stereoview of Union Cavalry in the field
Stoneman's Raid 5th US Cavalry Officer Cdv
Suggestions and comments to help you:
Superb 1866 Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna signed $500 Bond
Superb 1870 Indian Document Umatilla, Oregon-Military Agent
Superb armed field grade officer cdv
Superb CDV of a black 25th US Infantry Corporal!
Superb Content 1884 LS from Col. E. S. Otis, killer letterhead
Superb CSA Jefferson Davis Patriotic Cover with signature!
Superb Eagle Patriotic Cover
Superb early Indian War enlisted cavalry cdv
Superb early war letter supplies for Virginia hospitals
Superb Fort Concho, Texas 1870 letter from Cavalry General!
Superb Gen William S. Rosecrans ALS to Presidential candidate General Winfield Scott Hancock.
Superb Image of General Rosecrans holding Telescope
Superb Indian War Officer Group Stereoview by W. H. Jackson
Superb Morrison, Illinois Soldier cdv
Superb US Regular Indian War Soldier Cdv
test item
The back of the image:
The back of this BULL!
The back:
The best fake cdv's yet!
The burnt paper close up.
The Excelsior Brigade
The Modoc War
The page being discussed
The signatures
The Texas Ranger Badge Images sent to justify this "shot glass"
They are getter better & better at faking these-OUCH!
They should be ashamed- Fake Buckles- have a look!
This is not a period cdv!
This is pure EVIL my friends!
Threatens to kill Sgt.:
Three page ALS from Medal of Honor Recipient Henry Romeyn, 5th US Infantry
TLS from Gen. Corbin about Henry Lawton's funeral
Top of article:
Top with nails:
Transcription of letter
Transcription of letter:
Two 1866 Letters- Pres. Andrew Johnson-"drunken driveling slobbering harangue"
Two early 1872 items relating to expansion building at Ft. Buford, DT- Gen. Hazen ALS & Document
Unique President U.S. Grant Autograph and Engraving as President
Unusual & Scarce
Unusual Indian Wars Material
Unusual view of then Brig. Gen. Wesley Merritt
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Vann Martin's- The Veteran's Attic (Great Site!)
Varina Davis ALS "..the last fifteen years of his life he rarely wrote or signed a letter as I did it for him..."
Very scarce 1863 view of Minnesota Indian Fighting General H. H. Sibley
Very Sharp Fake CSA Hard Image:
Veteran Items
Vicksburg Officer Group Photograph #1
Victim of Custer's wrath- Lt. Charles Rea, 7th US Cavalry
View of back with killer id:
View of back with signature and photo
View of back with signature:
View of back with signature:
View of back with the names:
View of back:
View of front with signature:
View of image on the verso
View of last page (1st letter):
View of page four and signature
View of page three:
View of page two:
View of paper label on the back:
View of paper label with description:
View of soldiers and civilians:
View of the back of shell jacket:
View of the back of the image:
View of the back of the ribbon:
View of the back with autograph:
View of the back with his signature:
View of the back with inscription:
View of the back with the signature:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the back:
View of the imprint on the back:
View of the signature:
View with frame
VMI's First Superintendent & CSA Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry
War Date Autograph of Revolutionary War Hero General John Glover
War Date Autograph w/rank Gen Gershom Mott
War date Document Signed twice By General E. O. C. Ord
Wells Fargo Fake Body Tags
What is a carte-de-visite (cdv)?
What the hell is this?
Wheelwright Biography:
Why cdv's have clipped corners-
Why this is a fake image:
Winfield Scott roping the "Cur" dog Jeff Davis Patriotic Cover
Wounded at New Market VMI Cadet George Spiller signed photograph
Wounded Knee link:
Yet another fake Indian Image-Look and Learn
Yet another view:
Yet another:
You'll enjoy this, more fake shenanigans!