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Famous 1850's Northwest Indian Fighter LTC Lawrence Kip
Cdv of the famous 1850's Northwest Indian Fighter, Lt. Colonel Lawrence Kip.
Then Lt. Kip wrote a journal while serving in Washington in the late 1850's. It has been published and is available even today.
In it Kip provides a vivid and stirring account of the Indian campaigns of 1858 when Colonel George Wright marches into eastern Washington Territory to smite the Indians that had the temerity to protest an earlier invasion of their territory by LCOL Steptoe.
Brady photographer b/m. Upper left corner chip to the albumen as shown. A difficult image to find, this is only the third one I have owned in thirty years of dealing.

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"Throughout the 1850s, Native peoples of the inland Northwest actively resisted white encroachments into their traditional territories. Tensions exploded in 1858 when nearly one thousand Palouses, Spokanes, and Coeur d’Alenes routed an invading force commanded by Colonel Edward Steptoe. In response, Colonel George Wright mounted a large expedition into the heart of the Columbia Plateau to punish and subdue its Native peoples. Opposing Wright’s force was a loose confederacy of tribes led by the famous warrior Kamiakin.

Indian War in the Pacific Northwest is a vivid and valuable first-person account of that aggressive and bloody military campaign. Related by Lawrence Kip, a young lieutenant serving under Wright, it provides a rare glimpse of military operations and campaign life along the far western frontier before the Civil War. Replete with colorful prose and acute observations, his journal is also notable for its dramatic descriptions of clashes with Kamiakin’s men and compelling portraits of leading figures on both sides of the Plateau Indian War."