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Incredible TLS from famous Custer author- Sandy Forsyth Roman Nose's 'charge'-Bill Cody lying about Tall Bull!
Exciting two page TLS to Captain Luther North (of “Pawnee Scouts” fame) from the famous author E. A. Brininstool. Here are a few highlights:
”I don’t see how on earth all the yarns about Bill Cody ever got into print— only that Col. Judson boosted him up into the limelight. Of course his good looks, long hair and buckskin duds helped a lot; but I don’t think he was such a sharpshooter as some folks think. ….I was told that Forsythe also lost his mind—due in part to that bullet that creased his head, they say, at the Arickaree fight…The story of Roman Nose's 'charge' is played up pretty heavy in Forsyth's account. Your story sounds more like the facts to me. If the Cheyennes told it to you, you can bet it is so....Cody must have been quite a long-distance shot to have landed a bullet on Tall Bull 15 miles away. You have heard the yarn of the old fellow who killed his buffalo by using salted bullets. Said he killed them at such a distance that if he hadn't salted his bullets the meat would have spoiled from age before he could get to skin it out!!!!????
That was a darn close call you had just missing running into those Indians down near Beecher Island site. I can imagine that your hair must have 'riz up' a mite when you took a look a peek over the top of that knoll!..."

Boldly signed by Brininstool in old ink. Comes with original cover with imprinted Brininstool return address and annotation by North as to the date answered.
Much more content, though the incredibly snarky commentary about two of the most famous heroes of the Indian Wars are the "juicy" parts! You just don't see this material and content available anymore.

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