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Incredible Varina Davis letter detailing Jefferson Davis Black Hawk War Service!
Incredible Varina Davis letter detailing Jefferson Davis Black Hawk War service!
Written on black bordered stationary, dated February 6th, 1901. Mrs. Davis is not very happy with a "Miss Tarbell" who wrote a very biased history of her husband. She also goes into great detail about how Davis "..missed capturing Blackhawk personally by about five or ten minutes.."
Overall a great letter, full of details of Jeff Davis's life before his was the CSA President.
In very good condition, wear as shown in the photos.

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”Hotel Gerard
123 W. 44th St.
My dear Sir,
I should have answered your very interesting letter of the 11th Dec. 1900 but for the fact that I have not been well enough to look up the little data I have. I know that Mr. Davis was in Kentucky in 1832 for a short time on leave, but where I do not know. He also I believe went to Woodville to see his mother, but as
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I was only six years old then, I cannot tell you certainly if he was at Woodville. The proof is however abundant that Mr. Davis was in the Black Hawk war, and must be recorded in the War Dept. Miss Tarbell was____ as a historian but the only reality about her history is that she is a bundle of prejudice, spite and partisanship. In a memoir that I wrote of my husband
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After his death on p 137, ex sig. you will find all I know of much importance, but Mr. Davis told me many incidents of that campaign- but he said he missed capturing Blackhawk personally by about five or ten minutes and but for the intervention of a clump of bushes, he would have done so. Mr. Aldich cannot be possessed of a portrait of my husband when he was young, the one he has was taken when he was over 40 years old when he was secty of war. I wish I had one to send you or to have copies for you. I send you all I have of testimony, and have gone through many piles of papers for this- you will find Black Hawk’s book valuable. I had one I bought from an old curiosity shop in Florida, but gave it to my daughter, Miss I. A. Hayes of Colorado Springs, Colorado her number is 832 N. Cascade Ave. I had an exquisite miniature painted by Rendesparr at the time Mr. D. was a second lieut but it was stolen from the gold mounting in which it was set and I have never ceased to regret it.
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The name of the book is Jefferson Davis Ex President of the Confederate States, a memoire by his wife. It is an expensive book but I think you'll find more in it there is anywhere else of a personal nature. I enclose all I could find among my papers, though I was sure I had a great deal more to convict Miss Tarbell of woeful misrepresentation but if I have them, I could not in a whole days search find them. I wrote to Miss T. believing foolishly, that she
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meant to tell the honest truth what her answer is deceived me.
Will you kindly return the enclosed papers when you have used them. I have often heard my husband talk of Mr. Dement and as long as he lived he cherished an affectionate memory of his friends on the frontier- alas many of their prominent virtues have with the approach of civilization and the lapse of public virtue died with those noble simple hearted hospitable brave
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americans, who made no money by their patriotic services to the country but who should have never be forgotten by those who benefited by their hard exposed lives and tremendous risk.
Wishing you success with your history I am Dear Sir
Faithfully and gratefully yours
V. Jefferson Davis
February 6, 1901”