The Karen Kloss Collection

The Karen Kloss Collection
One of the pleasures of being a full time dealer is that I get to travel to many of the trade shows held during the year across the country. This has allowed me to meet many of my customers in person, and in some cases they become good friends of mine.
Karen Kloss was one of these customers/friends. I first met Karen in the early 1990's, and over the course of many years I got to know her better. Her extensive knowledge of the civil war, especially the state of Ohio and its officers and men, made for some interesting conversations over the years.
Karen was direct in her questions, and a sharp negotiator when something caught her eye to purchase. Some men in the collecting industry failed to recognize her knowledge and didn't give her the respect she rightfully deserved, so she did not deal with them. They are the ones who missed out for sure.
She built a superb collection over the years, and she cared for it as only someone who loves their "stuff" can. Her passion for her home state and certain generals was impressive and as I list her collection all of this will be obvious. Please keep an eye out for the initials "KK" on the listings, as this denotes something from her collection.
Karen passed away in January, 2011, just 8 months after this photo was taken. Her family contacted me recently to sell her collection, and I am honored to do so. Karen was a friend, and she is missed even now.