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Late 1870's 7th US Infantry soldier cdv
Full standing cdv of an older private soldier of the 7th United States Infantry. I see an "F" company letter underneath the crossed rifles on his kepi as well as a "7" above the rifles.
"The early Reconstruction years saw the 7th serving in Florida, but it then transferred to Montana, stationed at Fort Shaw. Post-war duties included protection of surveying expeditions and Indian suppression, notably the rescue of Major Marcus Reno’s survivors of the 7th Cavalry’s disastrous campaign at the Little Bighorn. Later, the regiment was transferred several times, serving at Ft. Snelling, Minn., and at Ft. Logan in Colorado against the Utes."

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Oleson, John H. Place of Birth: Norway Date of Birth: August 13, 1850 Date of Death: 1881 Locations: Address: 307 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Dates of operation: 1876-1880