Navy and Marine Corps cdv's

Beautiful cdv of Id'd Marine Corps Officer in dress uniform
Beautiful cdv of Id'd Marine Corps Officer in dress uniform. Sharp half view of 2nd LT Henry J. Bishop, who from the looks of him would have difficulty with the Corps physical fitness program if he had to go through it today!
No b/m, id'd from the album page, wear as shown in the photograph.

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Bishop, Henry J. Second Lieutenant, 25 November, 1861. First Lieutenant, 1 April, 1864. Captain, 12 January, 1876. Died 22 December, 1884.

Cdv of Marine Corps enlisted men-clear insignia view
Cdv of Marine Corps enlisted men. Early post war view of a Sgt. and private standing together. Good view of kepi insignia and what appears to be ordnance insignia on the private's jacket.
Wear as shown in the photograph, no b/m. Very scarce Marine Corps content.

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Rare Naval killed in action cdv
Rare Naval killed in action cdv. Identified image of Acting Ensign Edward Vance, who was killed on July 4th, 1864 on board the USS Peosta at Paducah, Kentucky.

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"USS Peosta (1857) also known as "Tinclad" # 36 --was a steamboat acquired by the Union Navy during the American Civil War. Peosta was outfitted as an armed gunboat, with heavy guns for battles at sea, and large howitzers for shore bombardment. She served on the rivers and other waterways of the Confederate States of America enforcing the Union blockade on the South.
Assigned to the Naval forces on the Tennessee River, Peosta departed Cairo 28 October and arrived at Paducah, Kentucky, 3 November.

Remaining on the Tennessee River throughout the Civil War, she cruised between Paducah and Eastport, Mississippi, to protect Union shipping and support Union Army activities. In the spring of 1864 she assisted in halting a Confederate land and river offensive against Paducah as they moved through Union lines to repossess defenses along the river. On 25 March 1864, she engaged Confederate troops at Paducah, Kentucky."