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Modoc War Hero: HENRY C. HASBROUCK Image
Cabinet card image of General Henry C. Hasbrouck, hero of the Modoc War. In fine condition with wear as shown in the scan. Sarnoy, New York photographer's backmark.

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"...While a Captain in the Fourth Artillery he took part in the famous Modoc Expedition of 1873, being in command during the action of Sorass Lake, Cal., and near Van Bremer's Ranch in May, 1873. Captain Hasbrouck's light battery, mounted as Cavalry, and two troops of the Fourth Cavalry were encamped on Sorass Lake on the morning of May 10. The Indians made an attack on this force. Captain Jack, of the Modoc Indians, clad in the uniform of General Canby, who had been shot under a flag of truce a month before while holding a conference in the vicinity of the Lava Beds, led a company of thirty-three Modocs in a charge on the camp while a detachment was absent for water. The Indians succeeded in stampeding the horses and mules, and for a time things looked serious. Captain Hasbrouck, however, rallied his men, checked the advance, and, by a series of brilliant charges against the Modocs in the surrounding hills, put them to flight. Captain Hasbrouck received the Brevet of Major for his gallant services in this action. He was on the expedition against Nevada Indians in 1975, and was in the field to July 6, 1878. He was commandant of cadets at the Military Academy from September, 1882, until February, 1888..."