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Outstanding cdv of Gen. William H. Lytle, killed leading brigade charge at Chickamauga
Outstanding & very scarce cdv of Gen. William H. Lytle, killed leading his brigade in a charge at the Battle of Chickamauga.
Wear as shown in the image. See the photo of the back for the photographer backmarks.

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Lytle, William H., brigadier-general, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 2, 1826. He was graduated at Cincinnati college, studied law, and served in the Mexican war as 2nd lieutenant and subsequently captain in the 2nd Ohio Infantry. After the war, he practiced law in Ohio, was elected to the Ohio legislature, and in 1857 was the unsuccessful candidate of the Democratic party for governor of Ohio. At the outbreak of the Civil war, he was major-general of militia, commanding the 1st division Ohio militia, and he mustered for the three months, service the 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th regiments. He was commissioned colonel of the 10th Ohio infantry, and at Carnifex ferry, Sept. 10, 1861, where he commanded a brigade, he was severely wounded. On his recovery, he commanded a camp of instruction and rendezvous at Bardstown, Ky., and subsequently a brigade in the Army of the Ohio, and served in the Alabama campaign and during Gen. Buell's march into Kentucky, where he covered the rear of the army. At Perryville, Oct. 8, 1862, where he distinguished himself for gallantry in leading a charge, he was severely wounded and left on the field for dead. He was captured, and while in captivity was promoted brigadier-general of volunteers, Nov. 29, 1862. He was exchanged Feb. 4, 1863, served in the Chickamauga Campaign, and at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863, he was killed while leading a charge of his brigade. Gen. Lytle was the author of a number of poems, the best-known of which is the poem beginning: "I am dying, Egypt, I am dying," first published July 29, 1858.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 8