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Fort Phil Kearny Regular Signed Brevet General Image
Great signed cabinet card of brevet general George Brown Dandy. Please see his biography and HDS record below. Image taken by Rinehart of Omaha, Nebraska.
In fine condition with wear as shown in the scan.

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George Brown Dandy; Quartermaster at Ft. Lincoln. Dandy, a Georgian, was an old soldier who enlisted in 1847; after the Mexican War he attended West Point for three years but did not graduate. He rejoined the ranks as an enlisted man; fought Indians in the Northwest eventually receiving a commission. Later he was wounded during the Civil War (not sure what battle) and was brevetted a brigadier general. (Hence the "General" Dandy).

After the war he served in the Quartermaster Dept. and was posted to Ft. Phil Kearny in December, 1866 until close. (he replaced Capt. Brown, KIA with Fetterman). Dandy later served in various posts in the west, rising to the rank of Lt. Col. and Deputy Quartermaster General. He retired in 1894 after a nearly fifty year army career. Dandy died in New York City 14 Jan 1911

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GENERAL GEORGE B. DANDY DEAD Veteran of Mexican and Civil Wars Was 81 Years Old NEW YORK, New York, January 15, 1911

General George Brown Dandy, USA, retired, died last night at his residence, 230 West Fifty-Ninth Street. His body will be taken from this city on Monday and interred in the National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. There will be no services in this city.

General Dandy was born at Macon, Georgia, on February 11, 1830 and was a son of the Rev. James Harvey Dandy. The family moves to New Jersey the same year and the future General was educated in a private school there. He married Anne Eliza Slaughter of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, on his birthday in 1873. He entered Army life in April 1847, enlisting in the Tenth Infantry, raised for service in the Mexican War, and served in that war until its close.

He studied medicine in Salem, New Jersey, and became a Cadet of the United States Military Academy. He was brevetted Major September 6, 1863 for “distinguished and gallant conduct in the siege of Fort Wagner, South Carolina;” Lieutenant Colonel August 14, 1864 “for gallant services in action at Deep Bottom, Virginia;” Colonel March 13, 1865 “for gallant services at Fort Gregg, Virginia;” Brigadier General March 14, 1865. He was in battled at Port Walthall, Drury’s Bluff, Deep Bottom, Deep Run, Russell’s Mills and the siege of Petersburg, Virginia, and commanded his brigade at Appomattox Court House.

Since the war, General Dandy had been in the Quartermaster’s Department. He built Fort Phil Kearny at the base of the Big Horn Mountains and Fort Abraham Lincoln, North Dakota, 1873-75. He was in charge of the general depot of the Quartermaster’s Subsistence Departments at Yuma, Arizona, and later at various other cities.

General Dandy lived until recently in Omaha, Nebraska. His son, Dr. George B. Dandy, lived at 348 West Fifty-Seventh Street.

Residence was not listed; 33 years old.

Enlisted on 8/27/1862 at In The Field, VA as a Colonel.

On 8/28/1862 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NY 100th Infantry He was Mustered Out on 8/28/1865 at Richmond, VA (Prior service as Captain and Asst QM, USA, subsequent service in US Army until 02/11/1894)

Promotions: * Brig-General 3/13/1865 by Brevet * Brig-General 3/13/1865 by Brevet

Other Information: born 2/11/1830 in Macon, GA died 1/14/1911 in New York City, NY