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December 1898 ALS from Gen. Henry Ware Lawton (Geronimo, killed in action)Killed at the famous "Wagon Box Fight"- Lt. John C. Jenness LSMay & June 1873 Ft. Abraham Lincoln "Special Requisition" document signed by Gen. W. P. Carlin
Medal of Honor **1872 4th Cavalry 1st Sgt. Wm. McNamara DocumentSuperb 1870 Indian Document Umatilla, Oregon-Military AgentTwo early 1872 items relating to expansion building at Ft. Buford, DT- Gen. Hazen ALS & Document
Cdv & 1872 LS of William English, KIA by Nez Perce at Big Hole1880 Fort Keogh M.T. DS by Ezra P. EwersThree page ALS from Medal of Honor Recipient Henry Romeyn, 5th US Infantry
1868 General John Pope ALSAdna R. Chaffee, Private to General, 6th US Cavalry TLS 1884 LS from famous Indian War Officer
22nd Infantry Indian Fighter Mott Hooton Signed DocumentAdmiral C. R. P. Rodgers requests his son get leave from West PointGAR Death Biography of WIA 18th US Inf. Fort Phil Kearney Massacre Officer
Rare General Lawrence P. Graham 1870 Cavalry LetterSuperb Fort Concho, Texas 1870 letter from Cavalry General!1891 Fort Keogh, Montana Indian Wars Document
Modoc War 1870 Camp Bidwell, CA 1st US Cavalry Officer LetterGreat early Indian War Officer letter "the bugles blast"!Gen Wm. R. Shafter letter, sick with malaria!
1887 U.S. Infantry & Cavalry School Vellum DiplomaCapt. R. H. Montgomery, Commander of the "Montgomery's Grays", 5th Cavalry OfficerSuperb Content 1884 LS from Col. E. S. Otis, killer letterhead
Army Officer killed in Alabama-Commanding a US Marshal's Posse!TLS from Gen. Corbin about Henry Lawton's funeralFifth U. S. Cavalry Indian War Muster Roll
Indian War Medal of Honor- 5th US CavalryFort Keough, MT Col. Swaine bids 22nd US Infantry farewellImportant 43 page 1868 Treaty Stipulation Order for all Indian Tribes!
Intrigue against famous Indian Agent Col. L. F. Spencer, Rosebud AgencySecretary of War offers West Point Superintendency to Gen. Thomas RugerFamous 2nd U.S. Cavalry Officer Signed Document
1881 New Mexico ALS Gen E. Hatch, 9th Cavalry Death of officerMedal of Honor Document Signed by Sheridan, Stanton and Volkmar1880 Captain Charles King autograph endorsement
Cyrus T. Brady (Indian Fights & Fighters) TLS about Indian WarfareMajor General Leonard Wood TLS (MOH)Medal of Honor Henry Clay Wood letter "death...against the Cheyenne Indians"
1875 Standing Rock D.T. Indian Scouts Document
1883 Fort Lewis, Colorado Officer LetterFort Keogh, M.T. 1880 ANS by 5th US Infantry Officer Wm. Bowen
April 18th, 1874 24th US Infantry officer's letter written from Ft. Brown, Texas Sep. 7th, 1873 24th US Infantry officer's letter written from Ft. Brown, Texas1875 Ft. Brown, TX Black Soldier Nurse Document
Murder of Black soldier by white officer (ALS & Order)