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Signed Cdv of 2nd West Virginia Cavalry Col. (Gen.) William H. Powell-Medal of Honor!
Signed Cdv of 2nd West Virginia Cavalry Colonel (General) William H. Powell- Medal of Honor recipient!

"William Henry Powell (May 10, 1825 – December 26, 1904) was an American soldier who fought for the Union in the American Civil War. He began as a captain, and quickly ascended to higher roles in the cavalry, including regiment commander, brigade commander, and division commander. Powell was awarded his country's highest award for bravery during combat, the Medal of Honor, for heroism at Sinking Creek, Virginia, when, as leader of a group of 22 men, he captured a 500-man enemy camp, without a single loss of life on November 26, 1862. He was honored with the award on July 22, 1890.
In July 1863, Powell was shot while leading cavalry in Wytheville, Virginia. Although surgeons on both sides of the conflict believed his wound was fatal, Powell survived—and became a prisoner of war. He was later exchanged, and returned to his command of the 2nd West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. In 1864, Powell commanded brigades, and later a division, while fighting mostly in the Shenandoah Valley under the direct supervision of General William W. Averell in an army commanded by General Philip Sheridan. Powell led cavalry in numerous battles, including Moorefield, Opequon, and Fisher's Hill. He resigned as a brigadier general in January 1865 to attend to family health issues...
In a letter sent to headquarters in 1864, General George Crook said "Colonel Powell has served with me often since the commencement of the war. He has distinguished himself in every battle he was engaged in under me. He has been recommended by me on several occasions, for promotion. I regard him as one of the best cavalry officers I have ever seen in the service."

Signed boldly on the back in period ink. Portsmouth, Ohio photographers b/m. In very good condition, with wear as shown in the photos.

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