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Indian War Ladder Badge 1st & 22nd U.S. (Band) Infantries
1883 Fort Lewis, Colorado Officer Letter
Outstanding Mexican War Letter from a Doctor!108th New York KIA Antietam cdv'sG.A.R. Navy hero-hearing destroyed shelling Fort Wagner! Housatonic blown up!
**SOLD** Incredible 15th West Virginia Infantry Ladder Badge!
Berdan Sharp Shooter Entertaining December 1861 1st Missouri Light Artillery soldiers letter (Faro table and whore house!)
Incredible 1873 ALS from famous officer ripping George Custer & the Black Hills Expedition**SOLD** G.A.R. Chairman badge "Liberty Statue Unveiling OCT. 28 1886"
1790 Andrew Jackson legal Document
Lee Surrenders! Letter from Captain Charles Wright, 3rd/5th Michigan infantrySuperb Gen William S. Rosecrans ALS to Presidential candidate General Winfield Scott Hancock. (KK)"Betsy Ross making the first United States flag"
Beautiful Andrew Johnson autographed pageHistoric General William T. Sherman LS (plus) concerning Presidents Lincoln and Grant!1863 Mississippi Squadron DS by Admirals David Porter & Pennock
**SOLD**  Colonel John Gibbon 1874 Ft. Shaw, MT 7th Infantry DS Profile view of Brigadier General John Sedgwick (kk)General Winfield Scott Hancock CDV (kk)
Scarce pose of the Brigadier General John GearyPair of identified 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry cdv'sCdv of KIA Confederate General Turner Ashby-Baltimore b/m
Cdv of Bvt. General Robert West, 1st PA L.A., 5th PA Cavalry & 7th US CavalrySigned cdv of General Edward FerreroRare pose of Brig. General Alfred N. Duffié
Cdv of 17th Maine Infantry officer who lost arm at ChancellorsvilleOne page 1887 Gen. W. T. Sherman LS- just returned from visiting the West10th Minnesota Infantry 1863 Diary-The Le Sueur Tigers, Dr. Mayo
Signed cdv of 9th US Cavalry Capt George Washington Smith, KIA Apaches 1881Cdv of executed Sioux Indian Medicine Bottle